East Tennessee State University

Arboretum Newsletter

Volume 1, Issue 3
August 2002

Aboretum Certified!

In March 2002, the ETSU Arboretum applied for certification by the State of Tennessee. We requested the highest level of certification (Level IV), a standard that requires self-guided walking tours, newsletters issued at least twice per year, and a minimum of 120 species of trees with identification signs. On June 14th, the Arboretum was site-visited by a team of six that included two professional arborists, two representatives of garden clubs, the regional forsester, Mr. Tom Simpson, and the head of the state certification program, Ms. Kay Fermann. The certification team examined more than 125 species in the Arboretum, offered suggestions for potential additions to consider and commented on large specimen trees that need careful attention. The Arboretum received notification of Level IV certification in July. A placard to this efect is being prepared for installation at Borchuck plaza in front of Sherrod Library.


Grant Funding: Our Chlorophyll

Past—A 2002-2002 grant of $10,000 from the tennessee Department of Agriculture, Division of Forestry helped launch the Arboretum. We purchased and planted over 70 new trees, installed sturday and informative signs on over 200 trees, disseminated two self-guided walking tour borchures and two newsletters, and sponsored an opening day celebration on Arbor Day that included a tree giveaway. A $1000 grant from the Shady Oaks Garden Club also supported borchure production. Many personal donations were used to purchase trees.

Current—The Arboretum was granted the full funding request of $18,800 in a 2002-2003 Urban Forestry grant from the Tennessee Department of Agriculture Forestry Division and USDA. These funds will be used to develop more public education activities including a speaker series, CD audio tours of the Arboretum, trips to regional gardens and nurseries, outreach to K-12 schools, and another Arbor Day celebration. A new Arboretum intern, Ms. Susan Antkiewicz, will coordinate these activities.

Future—We expect to receive notification in the fall concerning two submitted proposals: one to enhance our speaker series and audio tours, the other to purchase plant material to develop an eastern Asia/eastern North America theme.


Upcoming Activities

September 12th, 7:00 PM, MeadowView Conference Center, Seminar: “Dogwoods for Tennessee Gardens,” Dr. Stephen Garton (UT Extension Nursery Specialist) and Dr. Mark Windham (UT Plant Pathologist)

The native flowering dogwood (Cornus florida) is declining and dying in many landscapes across the region. Flowering dogwood is attacked by a fungus known as dogwood anthracnose which is often fatal. Reasearchers at the University of Tennessee have been conducting experiments to identify trees resistant to the fungus and efforts are underway to breed those trees for distribution to the publicc. Drs. Garton and Windham will describe the program to save our most noted eastern landscape tree and the use of alternative dogwoods.

September 14th, Road Trip to North Carolina Arboretum and Mountain Horticultural Crops Research Center, Asheville

A 15-passenger van will leave from the Brown Hall courtyard at 8:00 AM Saturday morning. We will tour the NC Arboretum, have lunch, followed by a guided tour of the Research Station by tree expert Dr. Dick Bir. YOU MUST RESERVE A SPACE BY PRE-REGISTERING FOR THE TRIP by calling (423) 439-4329 or writing the Arboretum. Transportation and tour costs are $5 per person. We will stop for lunch at a local restaurant or you may pack a lunch. REGISTER EARLY BECAUSE THERE WILL BE ONLY ONE VAN!

September 26th 7:00 PM, Sycamore Shoals State Park Auditorium, Seminar: “Bonsai: artistic Expression Through Horticulture,” Dr. Warren Hill

Dr. Hill is the former curator of the National Arboretum's Bonsai collection—need we say more!

September 28th, 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM, Sycamore Shoals Park, Bonsai Workshop: “Creating a Hinoki Cypress Forest,” Dr. Warren Hill

Dr. Hill will demonstrate and instruct on bonsai techniques. Learn how to get started in consai and how to improve your expertise from a world renowned expert.

October 19th, 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM, Unicoi County and Carter County Nurseries Tour

We will visit seven nurseries (retail, wholesale, propagation, landscape, trial) on a tour that begins in Unicoi and ends in Elizabethton. Each nursery will give a brief guided tour of its facilities and speicalties. Meet at 8:00 AM in the Brown Hall courtyard at ETSU. Travel by van, cost is $3 per person. Please pre-register.

Services Available from the ETSU Arboretum

Walking Tour Brochures (Noteworthy Trees of the ETSU Arboretum and Coniferous Trees of the ETSU Arboretum) — contact us for free copies for you or your group.

Guided Tours — Arboretum representatives are available for free guided tours for educational groups. Contact Dr. Tim McDowell (phone: (423) 439-8635 or email: mcdowelt@mail.etsu.edu) to arrange times.


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