The ETSU Arboretum
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Several theme plantings are underway, including:

ETSU Veterans Memorial Dwarf Conifer Garden

This memorial garden will contain over 30 dwarf conifers which will be planted in the spring. The ETSU Veterans Association and Meadowview Garden Club have provided generous donations for the new garden.

To be located in front of Brooks Gym.

Trees for Tomorrow in Upper East Tennessee

This planting will feature trees and shrubs selected for flowers that span the growing season, and others with especially attractive foliage, elegant form, or striking fall color. Both evergreens and deciduous species will be represented. Support for this project was provided by a grant from the Harris Fund for Washington County of the East Tennessee Foundation.

To be located along State of Franklin Road.

Asian-American Pairs

The flora of the southern Appalachians is most similar to that of eastern Asia. Both regions support diverse broadleaved deciduous forests. To highlight these sijmilarities, the Arboretum, with funding from the Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust, has begun acquiring Asian species that are closely related to our native species. We plan to plant the sister species in close proximity for easy comparison. For example, if you exit Gilbreath Hall on the south side, just to your right can be found our native black gum (Nyssa sylvatica) and ot the left is its sister species from China, the Chinese tupelo (Nyssa sinensis). Many more such pairs of species will be added in the coming year.

To be located throughout the campus and along Southwest Avenue.


Soon to be released:

Tree Giants (brochure)

Memorial Trees at the ETSU Arboretum (brochure)

“Non-Visual Identification of Coniferous Trees” Audio Tour (brochure and CD)


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