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Students often don’t know who to ask for help or where to go. Sometimes they may feel that they get the run-around or have been directed mistakenly to the wrong office.

Faculty and staff who place ASK ME signs outside their offices and on their desks invite all ETSU students to “ask them” any questions related to being in school. It doesn’t matter whether the faculty or staff member knows the student because ASK ME volunteers welcome every student — undergraduate, graduate, and professional.

ASK ME faculty and staff won’t take the place of counselors and academic advisor, but they are here to help students get answers.



Want to become an ASK ME Volunteer?    

Step 1:  Complete the on-line training program by clicking this link: ASK ME on-line training link .

Step 2:  Notify Dr. Bill Kirkwood at   once you have completed the online training.

Step 3:  Your ASK ME desk sign and static cling sticker for your wall or door will arrive in the mail.

Step 4:  Display your ASK ME signage for all students to see!

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