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Past Research Projects :

Vibration: Effects on flexibility and explosive-strength in competitive female gymnasts (Ann Kinser - thesis)

Relationship of strength characteristics to power output and explosive strength (pulls and jumps) - (Jenna Kraska - thesis)

Current Research Projects:

Effects of shoe insert (stiffness) on sport performance

Association of test variables with estimates and measures of athletic performance (Talent ID, Underlying mechanisms of sport performance)

Potentiation and potentiation mechanisms (Jon Calloway - Undergraduate Honors Thesis)

Relationship of upper body strength characteristics to volleyball serve speed 

Relationship of strength characteristics to agility and agility endurance among soccer players

Linking volume/intensity/outside stressors to physiological and performance alterations

Cross-section study of the body composition and bone density among various types of athletes (Collaborative Project with Medical School – Dr. Hamdy)

Effects of aerobic and resistance exercise on markers of inflammation (Collaborative Project with Medical School – Dr. Krishneswamy)

Effects of resistance exercise on skeletal muscle GLUT proteins, insulin sensitivity and glucose disposal (Collaborative Project with Medical School - Dr. Stuart)

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