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Testing Services

Hydration - Specific Gravity

Body Composition - Air Pleysmography (Bod Pod), Skin Fold Calipers, Hydrostatic Weighing, Bioelectrical Impedance

Vertical Jump - Static and Counter-movement Jumps (Weighted and Un-weighted) off force plate (with or without potentiometers) or switch mat

Agility Tests - Created in conjunction with sports science staff and coaching staff to best represent sport specific agility.

Custom force rack with force plate and potentiometers - Isometric Mid-thigh Pulls, Dynamic Mid-thigh Pulls, Vertical Jumps, Isometric Shoulder Extension (Volleyball Spike and Serve)


2 Force Racks (operates with force plate and potentiometers)-
LabView 8.5 software
4 Force Plates (1 dual)
3 Switch Mats
Hydrostatic Weighting Tank
Timing Gates (Kinematics Measurement System)
DartFish Movement Analysis Software
DEXA- (Quillen Medical Center)
2 Monarch Cycle Ergometers
2 Quinton Treadmills
2 Local Vibration Units (30 Hz, 2mm displacement)
Environmental Chamber
Refractometers (used for urine specific gravity)
Cholestech Cholesterol Analyzer
Hydrostatic Weighing Tank
Tanita BIA
Lange Skinfold Calipers
Yellow Springs Lactate Analyzer
Quinton EKG Recorder
Polar Heart Rate Monitors
Nasiff Assoc. Cardiocard Interface/Software
Metabolic Cart- Parvo Medics
2nd Force Rack with 2 Force Plates (Right and Left)
6 Portable Lactate Analyzers
Wireless EMG

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