Alumni Theses
To complete their M.F.A., our alumni had to complete both an exhibition and supporting thesis paper. Please view the following electronic papers featuring exhibition documentation here.

Alumni Websites
Please visit the personal websites for our distinguished alumni. Our B.F.A. students have continued to pursue their personal work, open businesses and attend graduate schools. Our M.F.A. graduates have also continued to pursue their personal work, open businesses, and teach at the college-level.

Ceramics M.F.A

2004 Jessa Decker-Smith

  Ceramics B.F.A.

2011 Bill Wilkey

Drawing M.F.A.

2010 Samuel Crowe

Drawing B.F.A.

2011 Stephanie Streeter

Fibers M.F.A.

2009 Ani Volken

Fibers B.F.A.

2012 Michelle J. Gilley

Graphic Design M.F.A.

2013 Maja Savic


Jewelry & Metalsmithing M.F.A.

2011 Kevin Reaves

Jewelry & Metalsmithing B.F.A.

2012 Emily Eversgerd

Painting M.F.A.

2011  Megan Levacy

Painting B.F.A.

1997 Gail Vollrath

2003 Katie Claiborne

2009 Marie Porterfield

2010 Jessica Augier

Photography M.F.A.

2003 Eric Baden

2009 John Edwin May

2009 Tammy Mercure

2012  John Hathaway



Photography B.F.A.

2002 Joey Tipton

2003 Melissa K. Stallard

2009 Travis Brown

2009 Joe Reynolds

2010 Andrew P. Frost

2012 Amanda Milstead

Printmaking M.F.A.

2004 Jonathan Hounshell

2007 Mary Barton Nees

2009 Charlesey Charlton

2009 David Mazure

2011 Greg Howser

2013 Kyle Darnell

Printmaking B.F.A.

2003 Meghan O'Connor

Sculpture M.F.A.

2001 Val Lyle

2009 Daniel Marinelli

2013 Melisa Cadell

Sculpture B.F.A.

2012 Ashley Pegram


Brian Glaze
Brian Glaze