MR. JACK DANIEL’S ORIGINAL SILVER CORNET BAND ~ Thursday, Nov. 1, 7:30 p.m. ~ Martha Street Culp Auditorium

'In its unassumingly, folksy, ever-so-appealing way, the Jack Daniel band makes a powerful statement that translates into pure enjoyment.'
– Reba Hirsch, The News-Item, Pa.

'Nobody should miss the fun if the concert if they can help it. Even a guy with a tin ear can get a kick out of it!'
– Telegraph-Bulletin, Neb.



Around 1892, Lynchburg, Tenn., like so many towns, boasted its own small town band, a band funded and founded by famous distiller Jasper Newton "Jack" Daniel. Based on that band from the turn of the 20th century – before the time of radios, TV and even jukeboxes -- Mr. Jack Daniel's Original Silver Cornet Band brings back the good old days of brass band music. The group is led by the tale-telling "Perfesser" Marcus Arnold and recalls a time when evenings near a gazebo were slow and friendly and the sound of music drifted in the night air. Started by David Fulmer, the band got together, and by 1978, had made three albums and two PBS specials, before taking to the road to tour the U.S. and Canada. The band travels with its own gazebo and period costumes and instruments, but the musicianship is anything but sedate. Now the "pride and joy of Lynchburg, Tenn." travels the U.S. and Canada year-round performing for audiences of all ages. 

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