BS Degree Requirements

College of Arts and Sciences Degree Requirements

    Specific degree requirements for all students pursuing majors in the College of Arts & Sciences are published in each ETSU catalog ( Your degree program is Bachelor of Science (BS) degree.

BS Degree Requirements
*** There have been changes to the BS degree for all students who entered the University on the 2010/2011 catalog and going forward on future catalogs. 

***If you entered the University on the 2010/2011 catalog or on any catalog after the 2010/2011 catalog:
The regular BS degree requires at least eight credits in a single laboratory science and either MATH 1530 or MATH 1910.  The BS degree also requires that you take the PHIL 2640 and SPCH 2320 or PHIL 2030 as well.

If you entered University prior to the 2010/2011 catalog:
    The regular BS degree requires at least four credits in calculus and at least four laboratory natural science courses.

     Most students meet the calculus requirements with MATH 1910 Calculus I. complete Students who lack a strong high school mathematics preparation will need to complete MATH 1710 and 1720 before attempting MATH 1910.

    The BS degree natural science requirements are completed with four four-credit natural science courses, at least two of which must be from a single discipline. For example, two biology courses or two chemistry courses meet the single discipline requirement.

    Most students use two or more of the General Education natural science courses from a single discipline and two others from the general education list to complete this requirement. However, the degree requirement can be met with courses with higher numbers than those approved for general education, as long as the respective courses include four credits and a laboratory.

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