Biochemistry Concentration Checklist

    Please follow the link below to find the Biology Major with the Biochemistry Concentration checklist. This list is not meant to replace making an advisement appointment each semester.  However, you can use this list to help track your progress while completing the requirements of the Biology major with the Biochemistry Concentration.

Biochemistry Concentration Checklist

If you have specific questions about the Biochemistry Concentration and have earned less that 60 credit hours please contact for advisement questions. 

If you have earned between 60 and 89 credit hours, please contact if your last name ends with the letters A-I, or if your last name ends with J-Z for more information about Biochemistry.

If you have earned 90 or more credit hours, please contact for questions about careers or advisement in Biochemistry.

If you need more information about careers in Biochemistry or are interested in research opportunities, please contact the Department of Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences Undergraduate Research Opportunity Information


                                Beakers filled with liquids



blue lit test tubes