Advising in the ARC

Academic advisement in the ARC (Culp Center 222) for Specific Majors

(If your major is not listed below, see  Advisor Contact List )

See your major requirements under Programs A-Z in ETSU Catalog

Biological Science majors

Less than 90 credit hours contact Joanna Cyrier

90 or more credit hours must see Dr. Miller in 306 Brown Hall

Chemistry major

  • Less than 60 credit hours and the student has not completed the CHEM core classes contact Joanna Cyrier
  • 60 or more hours or completion of the CHEM core classes (whichever comes first) - should seek advisement in the Department of Chemistry
    • 423-439-4367

Criminal Justice and Criminology majors

Contact Dr. Dennis Hamm

  • ARC, Culp Center 222
  • 423-439-8576

Mass Communication/Undeclared concentration

Contact Caleb Bazyler or Ana Hill

Mass Communication/ Radio Television Film (RTVF) concentration

Contact Dr. Dan Brown

  • ARC, Culp Center 222
  • 423-439-4171

Psychology majors with fewer than 60 credits

Contact Caleb Bazyler or Ana Hill

Social Work majors with 45 or fewer hours

First advisement meeting : see

Contact Caleb Bazyler or Ana Hill