Transfer Credit

Students Transferring from TBR Institutions*

Effective fall 2004 general education requirements in the TBR system comprise blocks, such as Communication and Natural Sciences. Students who complete general education blocks at TBR institutions before they transfer to ETSU are considered to have met the blocks at ETSU, even when students failed to complete the associate degree and the particular courses taken to satisfy the blocks are not equivalent to courses in ETSU’s general education core.

Students will be considered to have partially completed general education blocks when courses they have taken at TBR institutions are recognized by those institutions as meeting respective blocks. The exception is two semesters of U.S. History, which students must complete by act of the Tennessee legislature.

Students from Non-TBR Institutions

Student transferring from non-TBR institutions must meet all general education requirements at ETSU, regardless of how courses taken at other institutions may have met general education requirements at the previous non-TBR institutions.

Advanced Placement Credit, Course Substitutions and Waivers of Requirements Granted by Other Institutions

ETSU does not recognize completion of general education blocks when previous institutions, within or outside the TBR system, (a) award advanced placement credit, (b) permit general education course substitutions or (c) waive general education requirements. Any advanced placement credit, substitutions or waivers related to general education must meet standards approved by ETSU.

Other Guidelines Regarding General Education and Transfer

Some institutions or particular academic departments within institutions require a minimum grade of “C” in certain general education courses. These minimum grade requirements will also apply to the transfer of general education courses. Even if transfer credit hours are granted for a course, any requirement for a minimum grade of “C” by the receiving institution will be enforced.

Certain majors require students to take particular courses to fulfill general education requirements. Students and their academic advisors should note any major-specific stipulations regarding fulfillment of general education requirements.