Dr. Chu-Ngi Ho

Research interests:

    Focus on luminescence phenomena and their applications in analysis. Also interested in monitoring local environmental heavy metals pollution via vegetative probes and atomic spectroscopy.


Department of Chemistry
P. O. Box 70695
East Tennessee State University
Johnson City, TN 37614-0695
Work Phone:  (423)-439-6914 (O); 439-7423(Lab)
Home Phone:  (423)-282-6978 
Email Address: chungiho@mail.etsu.edu

Representative Publications:

Ho, C.-N.; Karlesky, D. L.; Kennedy, J. R.; Warner, I. M. "Triatomic Method for Correlation of Retention of Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbon on Normal Phase HPLC," J. Liq. Chromatog. 1986, 9, 1-22.

Ho, C.-N.; Karlesky, D. L.; Rollie, M. E.; Warner, I. M. "Sample Cleanup Procedure for Polynuclear Aromatic Compounds in Complex Matrices", Anal. Chem. 1986, 58, 1187-1192.

Ho, C.-N.; Karlesky, D. L.; Ramelow, G.; Ueno, Y.; Warner, I. M. "Survey of Polynuclear Aromatic Compounds in Oil Refining Areas," Environ. Pollution 1987, 43, 195-207.

Yin, Q.; Ho, C.-N. "Determination of Free Cyanide in Water by Released Fluorescence of a Dissociated Ternary Complex," Anal. Lett. 1988, 21, 1297-1304.

Yao, W.-X.; Pau, C.-P.; Patonay, G.; Warner, I. M.; Ho, C.-N. "Selective Separation of Polar Compounds Using an Electric Field Coupled Normal Phases HPLC Column," J. Liq. Chromatog. 1988, 11, 2751-2769.

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