Dr. Aleksey Vasiliev

Dr. Aleksey Vasiliev
East Tennessee State University
Department of Chemistry
Brown Hall Room 361
P. O. Box 70695
Johnson City, TN  37614
email: vasiliev@etsu.edu

Research Interests:

Surface chemistry, functionalization of materials. Organic-inorganic hybrid materials.

Heterogeneous catalysis in petroleum chemistry.

Green chemistry, environmentally friendly processes of chemical industry.

Representative Publications:

Vasiliev, A. N.; Golovko, L.V.; Trachevsky, V.V.; Hall, G.S.; Kinast, J. G. Adsorption of heavy metal cations by organic ligands grafted on porous materials. Micropor. Mesopor. Mater. 2008 (accepted to print).

Vasiliev, A. N.; Golovko, L.V.; Povazhny, V. A.; Zlotnikov, E.; Chen, J.; Khinast, J. G. Functionalized nanoporous carbon as a catalyst for Suzuki coupling reactions. Microp. Mesopor. Mater. 2007, 101(3), 342-347.

Vasiliev, A. N.; Zlotnikov, E.; Khinast, J. G.; Riman, R. E. Chemisorption of silane compounds on hydroxyapatites of various morphologies. Scripta Mater. 2008, 58(12), 1039-1042.

Vassylyev, O., Hall, G. S., Khinast, J G. Modivication of zeolite surfaces by Grignard reagent. J. Pourous Mater. 2006, 13(1), 5-11.

Vassylyev, O.; Chen, J.; Hall, G.S.; Khinast, J. G. Efficient surface functionalization of zeolites via esterifications. Micropor. Mesopor. Mater. 2006, 93(1-3) 101-108.

Langner A., Panarello A.P., Rivillon S., Vassylyev O., Khinast J.G.; Chabal Y. J. Controlled silicon surface functionalization by alkene hydrosilylation. J. Amer. Chem. Soc. 2005, 127(37), 12798-12799.

Panarello A.P., Vassylyev O., Khinast J.G. Use of oxirane ring-opening reactions for synthesis of ethylene-bis(indenyl) ligands containing alkene tethers. Synlett 2005, (5), 797-800. 

Panarello A.P., Vassylyev O., Khinast J.G. Selective alkylation and Suzuki coupling as an efficient strategy for introducing functional anchors to the ethylene-bis(indenyl) ligand. Tetr. Lett. 2005, 46(8), 1353-1356.

Vassylyev O., Panarello A.P., Khinast J.G. Enantioselective hydrogenations with chiral titanocenes. Molecules 2005, 10(6), 587-619.

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