Alpha Phi Sigma

Academy of Criminal Justice Science Affiliation

At the 1976 meeting of the Academy of Criminal Justice Science in Dallas, Texas, the Academy recognized Alpha Phi Sigma as the Criminal Justice Honor Society. Since 1978, Alpha Phi Sigma has held its national conference in conjunction with the annual ACJS meeting. The Academy's continued support of Alpha Phi Sigma serves to enhance Alpha Phi Sigma's purpose - the recognition of scholarly achievement in the field criminal justice.

Member of the Association of College Honor Societies

The Association of College Honor Societies was organized October 2, 1925, by a group of college and university teachers, administrators, and representatives of a few well-established honor societies. Its object was then and is now to consider problems of mutual interest such as those arising from the confusion prevailing on college campuses concerning the character, function, standards of membership, multiplicity, and undesirable duplication of honor societies; to recommend action leading to appropriate classification or elimination; and to promote the highest interest of honor societies. Alpha Phi Sigma was granted membership by the Association of College Honor Societies in 1980



Alpha Phi Sigma is the nationally recognized honor society for students in the criminal justice sciences. The society recognizes academic excellence by undergraduates as well as graduate students of criminal justice.


To become a member, the student must have completed one-third of their total hours required for graduation at his/her institution. The student must be recommended, to National, by the chapter advisor.


Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students must maintain a minimum of 3.2 overall GPA on a 4.0 scale, a 3.2 GPA, on a 4.0 scale, in criminal justice courses. The student must also rank in the top 35% of their classes and have completed a minimum of four courses within the criminal justice curriculum. The Honor Society is open to those with a declared criminal justice major or minor.


Graduate Students

Graduate students are required to maintain a minimum of a 3.4 GPA in both Criminal Justice courses and overall courses, on a 4.0 scale. Student must have completed a minimum of four courses within the criminal justice curriculum.


Each application must be accompanied by a $50.00 Cashier’s check or money order

Honors Society Faculty Advisor

Dr. Gregory Rocheleau: CJ Honors Society Faculty Advisor



APS Officers

President - Kirsten Piatak

Vice President - Katelynn (Katie) Adams

Secretary - Danielle Ostrander

Treasurer - Maria Heller



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