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Dr. Amber Kinser's New Book!

Mothering in the Third Wave brings together diverse writers from around the U.S. and beyond it. Authors blend personal stories of mothering with feminist writing and confront the messiness and contradictions that characterize feminist mothering today. Read more at Dr. Kinser's personal website!

Brown Technology
Brown, D. (2012). Historical perspectives on communication technology. In A. E. Grant & J. H. Meadows (Eds.), Communication technology update and fundamentals (13th ed.). Boston: Focal Press

Dr. Weskey Buerkle's recent article he explores the ways that The Daily Show talked about the arrest of then-U.S. Senator Larry Craig for soliciting sex in a men's room. Buerkle finds that in their attempt to condemn Craig for having supported anti-gay rights legislation, The Daily Show ends up making jokes that play on stereotypes of gay men and thereby undercut the show's effectiveness in supporting gay rights.

K B Journal


Book published "Motherhood & Feminism"
(Seal, 2010)

This book provides evidence that feminism's pro-woman advocacy has attended to issues of family and motherhood in the past 150 years. Included are five themes of feminist thought and activism and how they apply to motherhood; a detailed look at motherhood from the turn of the century until now and its role in social causes and politics. Kinser also examines the evolution from 1980s pronatalism to the explosion of mommy blogs and other activism.