Advertising & Public Relations Advising

Advising Policy

Each student has the RESPONSIBILITY for all decisions made. Each student will seek assistance with the decisions made rather than expect the advisor to make the decisions. Please review this page in the Undergraduate Catalog for all student and advisor rights and responsibilities.

Advising Sessions

Advising sessions are recommended prior to registration for each term. Each student must schedule an appointment or visit advisors during office hours. In order to be advised, the student must complete the AD/PR Degree Plan (see below) and have it available for each advising session. You will not be advised without a completed degree plan indicating what classes you have already taken.

ADPR BA Degree Plan

ADPR BS Degree Plan

Additional Graduation Requirements

In addition to coursework, the following required additional items must be completed to graduate:

Intent to Graduate and Major/Minor Program Sheets

No later than the close of the first month of the senior year, each candidate for a degree must do the following:

1. Complete your Intent to Graduate online.

2. Print and fill out your Major and Minor program sheets and submit them to their respective departments. (e.g. for MCOM majors your major sheet needs to be submitted to the Communication Department office and your minor sheet to the department of your minor.)

Major Sheet Procedure:

a) Turn your completed major (or minor) sheet into the Communication office. When you drop it off please leave your phone number/email address. The Communication office will contact you to pick it up.

b) Once Dr. Kinser (department chair) has signed the sheet you will be notified to come pick it up. You are responsible for delivering your major sheet to the graduation office.

Exit Exams

1. During your last semester you must take the Communication Department exit exam. The Communication Department will email you regarding times and dates the exam is available.

2. All undergraduates must take the senior exit exam before graduation. You will receive an e-mail notification about the exam when you complete 96 credit hours. You should take the exam as soon as possible. For more information, visit:

Additional Advising Information:

ETSU General Education Requirements
MCOM 2010-2011 Catalog