The Department of Communication, which formerly included Communication Studies, Theatre & Dance, and Mass Communication (with concentrations in Advertising/Public Relations, Journalism, and Radio-TV-Film), has recently reorganized into two separate departments: The Department of Communication & Performance (which includes Communication Studies, Theatre & Dance, and Storytelling) and the The Department of Mass Communication (which includes Advertising/Public Relations, Journalism, and Radio-TV-Film). 

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The Department of Communication has five separate disciplines represented within it and offers majors in Communication Studies, Theatre, and Mass Communication (Mass Communication includes concentrations in Advertising/Public Relations, Journalism, and Radio-TV-Film), as well as minors in Advertising, Journalism, Radio-TV-Film, Communication Studies, Theatre, and Dance. The department also offers a master's degree in Professional Communication.

Our program is designed to provide professional preparation for students interested in communication and/or theatre and to provide leadership training for currently practicing professionals. The department provides pre-professional training and course work that supports and complements majors and minors in other fields. The department also works to increase the public understanding of and appreciation for freedom of communication in a democratic society.

The goal of the various curricula in our department is to produce graduates who are independent professionals who not only can meet current expectations for communication practices, but also can adapt to and grow with swiftly changing times and rapidly evolving technology.

This site provides information about our various undergraduate degrees, our faculty, scholarships, our Master of Arts degree in Professional Communications, and more. With state of the art facilities, an exceptional faculty, and many online resources, our program presents students with outstanding opportunities for preparation in a broad range of fields. For more information contact


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