Professional Communication (PCOM) Graduate Program

The Master of Arts in Professional Communication
The Master of Arts in Professional Communication (PCOM) is designed to meet the demands for trained communicators in a wide variety of professional roles. The degree will provide advanced training in analysis, design, delivery, and evaluation of communication in both business and nonprofit environments. Students may study traditional forms of written and oral communication and recent developments in communication technology.

This degree will be of special interest to people seeking professional advancement in advertising, broadcasting, journalism, public relations, electronic media, corporate communications, and training and development. Professionals in other fields will find that this degree will help them improve their skills and increase their value to employers.

For more information about the Professional Communication graduate program please contact at (423) 439-4171. 

Admission Requirements
Each applicant is evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:

1. At least a 3.0 overall undergraduate grade point average.

2. Graduate Record Examination test scores predictive of success in the program.

3. Three letters that recommend admission to graduate study and that sufficiently evidence the applicant's potential for success in
the Professional Communication program. When selecting persons to write recommendation letters, please choose people who can address your academic/intellectual abilities in the discipline (e.g., professors and/or professionals). Optimally, applicants should supply at least two (2) letters from former or current professors, especially from those within the discipline. Letters from professionals should address the applicant's work ethic, ability to work autonomously, potential for intellectual growth, and applicable academic skills (e.g., research and writing abilities).

4. A brief application essay of approximately 150-300 words (required by Graduate School). 
Advisement Information & Curriculum

Advisement Checklists by Emphasis:

Our curriculum as well as a current list of Graduate Courses in Communication is provided here for you to view as you consider admission. Graduate Courses inquiries about courses not listed should be directed to (423) 439-4171.

Graduate Faculty & Courses Taught
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