Graduate Program Faculty

Dan Brown 

Dr. Dan Brown
Ph.D., University of Massachusetts

Research Interests: Media Technology Trends; Media & Sport; Media & Families

Graduate Courses: Communication Law; Mass Communication Theory; Media & First Amendment; Seminar in Mass Communication: Media & Sports; Entertainment Theory


Karen Brewster

Karen Brewster
BA, East Tennessee State University; MFA, Michigan State University

Research Interests: Theatrical Design

Graduate Courses: Costume Pattern Drafting Techniques; Women in Theatre History; Advanced Scenographic Design; Costume Design


Wesley Buerkle

Dr. Wesley Buerkle
Ph.D., Louisiana State University

Research Interests: Masculinity in Media and Culture; Post Structural Theory; Kenneth Burke

Graduate Courses: Foundations of Communication; Gender & Communication; Studies in Rhetoric; Gender and Sexuality in Media


Pat Cronin

Pat Cronin
BA, LaSalle University; MS, Temple University

Research Interests: Eugene O'Neill and Sanctifying Grace (Roman Catholicism); Theories of Directing; Acting for Camera Theories; Aesthetics (Aristotle's Poetics); Theatre of the Absurd and Existentialism

Graduate Courses: Play Directing; Eugene O'Neill Seminar; Advanced Acting Scenes; Advanced Acting for the Camera; Dramatic Criticism and Theory; Restoration Drama


Kelly Dorgan

Dr. Kelly Dorgan
Ph.D., University of Georgia

Research Interests: The Interplay of Health, Culture, and Communication; Sexual Health; Women's Health; Cancer Communication; Provider-Patient Communication

Graduate Courses: Health Communication; Qualitative Research Methods; Communicating Health in Appalachia; Sexual Health Communication


Dr. Andrew Dunn

Dr. Andrew Dunn
Ph.D., University of Alabama

Research Interests: Online Identity; Communication Technology; Cyberpsychology; Media Effects

Graduate Courses: Communication Law; Multimedia Reporting


Bobby Funk

Research Interests: Mary Magdeline & the Gnostic Gospels; U.S.S. Wyoming in the Civil War; 105th NY Regiment of WWI; Sir Francis Drake; The Pirate Jack Rackham; Performance Techniques

Graduate Courses: Advanced Play Direction; Summer Theatre Performance; Combat for Stage and Film; Professional Theatre Experience; Teaching Theatre K-12; Auditioning for Theatre


Delbert Hall

Dr. Delbert Hall
Ph.D., University of Florida MFA; University of North Carolina- Greensboro; BS.Ed., Western Carolina University

Research Interests: Stage Rigging; Performer Flying Effects; Math in Theatre; Use of Digital Technology in Theatre; Scenic Design

Graduate Courses: Theatre Management; Advanced Stage Rigging


Dr. Andrew Herrmann
Ph.D., University of South Florida

Research Interests: Narrative Sensemaking; Socialization; Organizational Ethnography; Identity

Graduate Courses: Communication in Organizations; Communication & Leadership


Dr. John King
Ph.D., University of Tennessee

Research Interests: Media Framing; Nation Branding; Global Public Relations; Middle East Media Analysis; Content Analysis of Global Media; Political Communication

Graduate Courses: Media Management; Content Analysis in Mass Communication & Public Relations; International Public Relations; Mass Communication & Culture in the Middle East; Global Public Relations & Mass Communication; Public Relations Administration; Public
Relations Case Studies


Amber Kinser

Dr. Amber Kinser
Ph.D., Purdue University

Research Interests: Family Interaction; Motherhood; Feminist Theory; Gender Studies

Graduate Courses: Gender & Communication; Foundations of Communication; Communication Theory; Constructing Motherhood


Shara Lange

Shara Lange
MFA, University of Texas at Austin

Research Interests: Documentary; North Africa; Community Media Making; Film Production

Graduate Courses: Digital Narrative; Documentary Research & Production


Stephen Marshall

Dr. Stephen Marshall
Ph.D., University of Florida

Research Interests: Advertising Effectiveness; Audience Analysis; Culture and Media

Graduate Courses: Audience Analysis; Comparative Mass Media Systems; Digital Strategic Communication; Mass Communication Theory; International Advertising


Carrie Oliveira

Dr. Carrie Oliveira
Ph.D., Michigan State University

Research Interests: Teasing in Close Relationships; Interpersonal Attraction

Graduate Courses: Communication Theory; Dark Side of Relational Communication; Interpersonal Communication; Communication Research Methods


Herb Parker
MFA, Ohio University

Research Interests: Shakespeare

Graduate Courses: Playwriting; Professional Theatre Experience


Melissa Shafer

Melissa Shafer
MFA, Southern Illinois University

Research Interests: Set and Light Design for the Theatre

Graduate Courses: Theatre Management