RTVF Class Descriptions
by Molly Davis, RTVF Major, BucTV Manager, ASI Vice President, & Student Worker

RTVF 2600 – Survey of Broadcasting

Survey of Broadcasting is a great class to take if you want to find out if you will be serious about broadcasting and everything that it entails. This is a lecture-oriented class, but as long as you listen to the instructor and study the material you are guaranteed to do well. This class also requires that you DJ for ETSU’s radio station The Edge once a week for two hours. You will be trained at the beginning of the semester and you will be expected to show up for your shifts every week for a grade.

RTVF 2630 – Radio/TV Writing

Radio/TV Writing is a class where you will learn how to format different scripts, write commercials, write PSAs, create storyboards, and so much more. You will be challenged to expand your mind in this class and really show your creativity. This class is writing intensive, but don’t let that discourage you. This is a fun class where your ideas are the deciding factor for your grade.

RTVF 3602 – Video/Film Techniques

Video/Film Techniques is a class where you can let your imagination run wild as you work on assigned film projects throughout the semester. Projects include a documentary, an experimental film, a silent narrative, and a final film of your choosing. Hands-on labs are also available in class where you can learn new things with cameras and other filming equipment such as lighting. You will work with Final Cut Pro and other programs involving production for editing your projects.

RTVF 3640 – Broadcast Performance

In Broadcast Performance, you will write your own news scripts and practice anchoring on camera. You will also learn some aspects of news production, but the main emphasis is your performance on camera. In-class productions include an individual news brief, a newscast in which you will participate with a news team, practicing weather forecasting, as well as other on-camera exercises. You will also learn to read your scripts off a teleprompter as you deliver news. This class is a great way to find out if you were meant to be on-camera talent or behind the scenes doing production work!

RTVF 3651 – Radio Production

Radio Production is a class where you will create your own radio shows, radio commercials, and other audio related projects. You will work with programs such as Pro Tools and will also be trained to use a professional audio board in a recording studio. This class also requires you to DJ for ETSU’s radio station The Edge once a week with a two-hour shift. DJ shifts for this class differ from Survey in Broadcasting in that two of your breaks during your shift will be a two-minute news story and a two-minute sports story.

RTVF 4957/5957 – Topics in Radio/TV/Film

This Topics in RTVF class is available on an undergraduate and graduate level. The topic varies each semester, but two topics have included Documentary Research Production,  and Digital Narrative.  This is an upper-level RTVF course.