The program will consist of 18 hours of honors courses: 12 hours Honors-enriched and/or Honors section courses; 6 hours (two semesters at 3 hours each) of Senior Capstone Experience: THEA 4018 Senior Honors Thesis.  

Honors-enriched Courses:
THEA 2420-088 Theatre Design Basics (3 credits) - an introductory course in scenery, costuming, and lighting design for the stage.  

THEA 2510-088 Acting I (3 credits) - an introductory acting terminology and technique course, utilizing exercises, improvisations, research, and scene study.

THEA 2530-088 Dramatic Structure (3 credits) - play analysis for the actor, director, designer, or teacher of theatre.   Students may substitute this course with ENGL 3030-088 Drama.

THEA 3520-088 Theatre History (3 credits) – a study of the development of theatrical art through the Restoration and the 18 th century in England, its role in the history of civilization, and its relation to other arts in society.

THEA 3530-088 Play Direction (3 credits) - basic principles of staging, picturization, composition, focus, movement, text analysis, directorial scoring, and director/actor relationships.

THEA 4957-088 Special Topics (3 credits) - any topic relating to the discipline of Theatre and/or Dance.

DANC 3500-088 Dance as a Human Experience (3 credits) - a study of dance as a societal phenomenon.

DANC 3505-088 Musical Theatre Dance (3 credits) – a study of the musical theatre dance styles as seen on Broadway.

Honors-enriched Assignments: The following assignments will qualify as honors-enriched experiences:
  1. Written report on a research project.
  2. Oral presentation to the class on research project.
  3. Additional homework or exam assignments (essay exams).
  4. A service project or other experience approved by the program   coordinator.

Honors Section Courses:
THEA 1030-088 Introduction to Theatre (3 credits) - a study of the dramatic arts and modes of theatrical production for the understanding and appreciation of the living theatre as a cultural force in society.  

THEA 3510-088 Acting II (3 credits) – building characters, The Stanislavski System utilizing exercises, improvisations, research, and realistic scene work.   

Senior Capstone Experience:
Students must select the following course to fulfill 6 hours (two semesters at 3 hours each) of the 18 hours of course work required for the Honors-in-Discipline program.

THEA 4018 Senior Honors Thesis - after completing 12 hours of the honors Theatre and Dance program, students will write a thesis (topic approved by advisor) and will defend thesis in a public forum. The Senior Capstone Experience can include but is not limited to:   writing a work of drama or writing a thesis involving research of a topic in theatre and/or dance.   The Senior Capstone Experience can also include aspects of performance and production of a work of theatre and/or dance i.e. acting, dancing, directing, choreography, costume design, lighting design, scenic design, prop design, stage management, and dramaturgy.   If the student chooses either performance or production for the Senior Capstone Experience, a written thesis reflecting on the experience and demonstrating research in the artistic discipline chosen for the experience is also required.

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