Faculty Awards

Arts and Sciences Faculty Award Recipients

Teaching Award

2013-14 Darrell Moore, Dhirendra Kumar
2012-13  William Dalton III, Timothy McDowell, Travis Graves
2011-12  Thomas Jones, Mira Singh, Ismail Kady
2010-11  Lynda Beatrice Anastasia, Chris Dula, Scott Jeffrey Kirkby
2009-10  Hugh Miller, III, Christian Zembower, Elwood Watson
2008-09  Mirian Whitson, David Dixon
2007-08  Christa Hungate, Mark Giroux
2006-07  Jeff Gold, Henry Antkiewicz
2005-06  John Whitehead
2004-05  Robert Price
2003-04  Roger Bailey, Larry Miller
1997-98  Robert Gardner
1996-97  Jack Branscomb, Michael Castelaz, Melvin Page
1995-96  Karen Harrington, Jay Boland
1994-95  Tom Burton, Randy Hines, Christa Hungate
1993-94  Chu-Ngi Ho, Jeff Knisley

Research Award

2013-14 Brian Maxson, Pat Mink, Richard Kortum
2012-13 Stephen Fritz, Lev Yampolsky, Jameson Hirsch
2011-12  Istvan Karsai, Dhirendra Kumar, Mike Smith
2010-11  Chris Liu, Eric W. Sellers, Katherine Weiss
2009-10  Darrell Moore, Robert Sawyer, Ralph Slatton
2008-09  Elwood Watson, Richard Ignace, Edith Seier
2007-08  Judy Slagle
2006-07  Russell Brown
2005-06  Anthony Cavender, Anant Godbole
2004-05  Beverly Smith
2003-04  Ted Olson
1997-98  Niall Shanks
1996-97  Ronnie Day, Teresa Haynes
1995-96  Stephen Fritz
1994-95  Colin Baxter

Service Award

2013-14 Hugh Miller, Martha Michieka, Scott Contreras-Koterbay
2012-13  Benjamin Caton, Dhirendra Kumar
2011-12  Mary D. Blackman, Fred Alsop, David Champouillon
2010-11  Roberta Herrin, Phyllis Thompson, Michael John ("Mick") Whitelaw
2009-10  Melissa Shafer, Wallace Dixon, Jeff Knisley
2008-09  Paul Trogen, Ardis Nelson, Amber Kinser
2007-08  Douglas Burgess, Marcia Songer
2006-07  Steven Wallace, Catherine Murray, Peggy Contrell
2005-06  Debra Knisley
2004-05  Joe Leonard Robertson
2003-04  Gary Henson
1998-99  Wayne Dyer
1997-98  Fred Alsop
1996-97  James Odom
1995-96  Jeff Wardeska
1994-95  Judith Hammond

New Faculty Award

2013-14 Aruna Kilaru
2012-13 Cara Harker
2011-12  Jesse Graves, Michele Joyner
2010-11  Robert Beeler
2009-10  Blaine Schubert
2008-09  Steven Ellwanger
2007-08  Jay Franklin
2006-07  Kelly Dorgan

Non-Regular Faculty Award

2013-14 Adriane Flanary, Joshua Reed, Joshua Greer
2012-13 Laughton Messer, Ricky Phillips
2011-12  [not awarded this year]
2010-11  Lise Cutshaw, Paul J. Tudico, Jeffrey B. Whaley
2009-10  Junko Tezuka-Mathes, Jane MacMorran, Deborah Susan Hosler
2008-09  David Jennings, Corlis Robe, Shelia Armentrout
2007-08  Judith Woodruff, Holly Melendez

Summer Research Fellowships

The Summer Research Fellowship for faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences is open to all tenured or tenure-track faculty within the College of Arts and Sciences. However, the criteria for award favors more senior faculty who have made significant contributions to their discipline and who have a substantial research plan for the summer during which they would hold the fellowship. The funds will be available to faculty as a salary supplement, as a combination of stipend and support for scholarly activity conducted during the summer or as support for the scholarly activity.

Summer 2012: Michael Allen, Daniel Boner
Summer 2011: Teresa Haynes, Jennifer Barker
Summer 2010: Mike Smith, Maria Niederberger
Summer 2009: Pat Mink, Don Davis
Summer 2008: David Young, Jay Franklin
Summer 2007: Richard Kortum
Summer 2006: Peter Pawlowicz