Geosciences Field Camp

The goals and purpose of Field Camp are to give students the opportunity:

  • to travel outside of the East Tennessee region
  • to see things (rocks, landforms, processes, structure) in situ
  • to complete a research project and to visit the location on which the research was completed
  • to fulfill a possible field camp requirement for geology students going onto graduate studies
  • integrate students and faculty from both geography and geology

 Niagara Falls


Ottawa Jail Hostel

Niagara Fall

Toronto, Canada

 Ottawa Jail Hostel, Ottawa, Canada



Hawaii, Field Camp 2013
Instructors at the Lava Plume
End of the Road Lava Flow
sunset beach
Sunset Beach



Rio Grande Valley, Field Camp 2012
New Mexico
Group white sands Kidd

White Sands National Monument, NM


Kidd Seismic Observatory, El Paso



  Puerto Rico, Field Camp 2011

o group starfish



Colorado Plateau Region and Grand Canyon, Field Camp 2010
Field Camp

 rock  canyon cold 


Quotes from students about field camp:

"Excellent value"

"I had a great time. Thanks for putting on the class and running the trip."

"I was very happy with the expenses. Couldn't have done it cheaper."

"I could have stayed there forever! ... Can we take a 2nd trip next week?"

"Loved the White Sands, the volcanic fields, the museums, and the dinner time was always fun and delicious."

"The trip value was fantastic! Great, great deal! Very pleased!"

"I enjoyed riding in the van, I'd readily do it again and made friends."