Past GK-12 Fellows


Fellows 2008-2009

GK-12 Fellows 2008-2009: Cohort 1

Grant Boardman, Joel Gongora, Paula Edwards, Denise Koessler, Keisha Langston, Stephanie McMahon, Jennifer Price, Hamilton Scott, Patricia Williams

Cohort 1 Graduates:
Grant Boardman
MS Biology, 2009
Thesis:  Salamanders of the Mio-Pliocene Gray Fossil Site, Washington County, Tennessee

Joel Gongora
MS Mathematics, 2009
Thesis:  Independent Domination in Complementary Prisms




 Fellows 2009-2010

GK-12 Fellows 2009-2010:  Cohort 2

Paula Edwards, Denise Koessler, Keisha Langston, Stephanie McMahon, Jennifer Price, Hamilton Scott, Patricia Williams, Natalie Burke, Sharon Holte, Elizabeth Schmitt

Cohort 2 Graduates:
Paula Edwards
MS Chemistry, 2010
Thesis: The Correlation of the Concentration of Selected Metals Determined in Water and Fish Samples from a Public Pond

Denise Koessler
MS Mathematics, 2010
Thesis:  A Predictive Model for Secondary RNA Structure Using Graph Theory and a Neural Network

Keisha Langston
MS Biology, 2010

Stephanie McMahon
MS Mathematics, 2010
Thesis:  Total Domination Dot Critical and Dot Stable Graphs

Jennifer Price
MS Biology, 2010
Thesis:  Neurochemical Levels Correlate with Population Level Differences in Social Structure and Individual Behavior in the Polyphenic Spider, Anelosimus Studiosus

Hamilton Scott
MS Mathematics, 2010
Thesis:  Zero Sets in Graphs

Patricia Williams
MS Biology, 2010
Thesis:  Thermal adaptation in Daphnia pulex

Natalie Burke
PhD, Biomedical Sciences, Spring 2013



Fellows 2010-2011

GK-12 Fellows 2010-2011:  Cohort 3

Amanda Giesler, Elizabeth Harris, Sharon Holte, Leigha King, Martha Liendo, Brent Linville, Nathan Noll, Elizabeth Schmitt, Chris Sterling

Cohort 3 Graduates:
Brent Linville
MS Biology, 2011
Thesis:  A Biogeographic Analysis of the Socially Polyphenic Spider, Anelosimus studiosus, in East Tennessee


Elizabeth Schmitt
MS Biology, 2011
Thesis:  Analysis of Bone Crushing Behavior in the Dire Wolf (Canis dirus) Using Dental Microwear Texture Analysis


Sharon Holte
MS Geosciences, 2012
Thesis:  Description of Jefferson's Ground Sloth (Megalonyx jeffersonii) from Acb-3 Cave, Colbert County, Alabama, with Comments on Ontogeny, Taphonomy, Pathology, and Paleoecology




Fellows - Cohort 4

GK-12 Fellows 2011-2012:  Cohort 4

Megan Carr, Elizabeth Harris, Leigha King, Martha Liendo, Eric Lynch, Nathan Noll, Megan Pogemiller, Daniel Ressler, Chris Sterling, Lacey Vinson

Cohort 4 Graduates:
Megan Carr
MS Biology, 2012
Thesis:  Detection and Purification of a Novel Natural Inhibitory Compound from an Isolated Strain of Rhodococcus Using An Agar Extraction Method


Elizabeth Harris
MS Mathematics, 2012
Thesis:  Global Domination Stable Graphs

Leigha King
MS Geosciences, 2012
Thesis:  Phylogeny of Panthera, including P. atrox, based on cranialmandibular characters

Martha Liendo
MS, Mathematics, 2012
Thesis:  Preferential Arrangement Containment in Strict Superpatterns

Eric Lynch
MS, Geosciences, 2012
Thesis:  Cursorial Adaptations in the Forelimb of the Giant Short-Faced Bear, Arctodus simus, Revealed by Traditional and 3D Landmark Morphometrics

Nathan Noll
MS, Geosciences, 2013
Thesis:  Systematics, Climate, and Ecology of Fossil and Extant Nyssa (Nyssaceae, Cornales) and Implications of Nyssa grayensis sp. nov. from the Gray Fossel Site, Northeast Tennessee

Chris Sterling
MS Mathematics, 2012
Thesis:  Liar's Domination in Grid Graphs


GK-12 Graduate Fellows 2012-2013

GK-12 Fellows 2012-2013:  Cohort 5

Larry Bowman, Jr., Tabitha McCoy, James Phillips, Megan Pogemiller, Daniel Ressler, Tony Rodriguez, Clayton Walvoort

Cohort 5 Graduates:
Tabitha McCoy
MS, Mathematics, 2013
Thesis:  Cost Effective Domination in Graphs


Ofosuhene Osei
MS, Mathematics, 2013
Thesis: Level Crossing Times in Mathematical Finance 


Megan Pogemiller
MS, Biology, 2013
Thesis:  Investigating Potential Bioactive Compounds from Rhodococcus and Their Effects on MCF7 Breast Cancer Cells


Daniel Ressler
MS, Chemistry, 2013
Thesis:  Synthesis of Resvertrol Ester Derivatives


Clayton Walvoort
MS, Mathematics, 2013
Thesis:  Peg Solitaire on Trees with Diameter Four

Final Cohort of GK-12 Graduate Fellows


GK-12 Fellows 2013-2014:  Extension Period

Tony Rodriguez and Larry Bowman, Jr.

Cohort 5 (Grant Extension) Graduates:
Larry Bowman, Jr.
MS, Biology, 2014
Thesis:  Investigating the Inter-and Intra-Population Variability Across the Transcriptome of Lake Baikal's Endemic Copepod


Tony Rodriguez
MS, Mathematics, 2014
Thesis:  Very Cost Effective Domination in Graphs