Doug's Louisiana Habanero Hot Sauce

What Goes In It:
What to do:

You can used different peppers for this, obviously. Some good choices would be cayenne (which most Louisiana hot sauces are made with) or tabasco (which Tabasco is made with). Serrano, thai, arbol, Mexican reds, etc. Each will taste a bit different, but the primary taste will be hot and salty, with only the habaneros having a fruity heat. The degree of heat will, of course, depend on the peppers you decide to use in the mixture.

A decent, all around sauce, without too much subtlety.
If you want a garlicky taste, add 6-8 garlic cloves to the mix when you cook it.

This stuff should -- theoretically -- keep for quite awhile. But it you are in doubt, toss it out and make a new batch.