Honors Thesis

The Honors Thesis offers students the opportunity to explore their research interests in history and work with a major professor in their field of study.

The thesis is undertaken in capstone courses directed by a faculty member in the Department of History.

The student's advisory committee will consist of the thesis director and two additional faculty members (one from another department).

The thesis project should be a year-long, 6 credit hour endeavor begun in the Senior-year Fall semester (3 credits) and completed during the following Spring semester (3 credits).

The thesis project may be a research paper. Alternatively the thesis project may, for example, explore another culture through a study abroad program, with the student providing analyses and conclusions about the experience of the culture through art, film, etc. The student's advisor must approve the format of the thesis project.

The student will make a public presentation of the thesis project and give copies of it to the History Department, the University Honors Program, and (if required) to the Sherrod Library.

In consultation with the HiD Director, students may develop an interdisciplinary topic combining as many as two major fields of study.

For a copy of the Thesis Guidelines, the Recommended Thesis Timetable, and the Thesis Formatting Guidelines, see the link on the right.