Welcome to the Department of History website for the 28th Annual Meeting of the Ohio Valley History Conference.

October 11-13, 2012

Johnson City, Tennessee

New Updates

1. Parking:  Everyone can park at the Carnegie Hotel, using the parking garage in the back.  There should not be a charge for this service.  ETSU is located directly across the street and can be accessed by using the walkpath the connects the hotel and the university.  (You cannot miss it; it has "ETSU" on it from both directions). 

2. Assistance: My staff and I will be available during all business hours to assist you or answer questions.  Business hours will be the following: Thursday=4-10 p.m.; Friday=8:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m.; and Saturday=8:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. 

3. Technology: We will have available laptops and projectors for those who need them for presentations.  Laptops and projectors are not to be removed from the rooms they are located in.  (This means the salons where the panels will take place). 

4. For those of you that have not given your papers to your chair, please do so as soon as possible.  (DO NOT SEND IT TO DR. CARTER).  Also, please send your chair a very brief bio so they can announce you before your presentation.  This should include the following: name, academic rank--professor, student, public historian--, affliation, area of study or expertise.

5. Panel guidelines: Each panelist should be given 15 minutes or so to present their paper.  Chairs/commentators should give brief remarks, taking into consideration the academic status of the presenter.  Finally, the remainder of the time should be given to Q & Afrom the public.  If your panel does not have three panelists, please allow those presenting more time. 

I look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.  Please have a safe trip to Johnson City, Tennessee. 

Dr. Carter

UPDATE: Directions and Weather information is now in the conference information section of this website.  Also, please check daily for more information from now until the conference begins.

Greetings Everybody,

I hope everyone is getting excited about the conference next week.  I am happy to report that the conference program and a list of chairs and commentators has been posted to the website in the conference information section.  Please look over the program as some panels have changed dates and times.  Presenters please find the name(s) of your chairs and commentators and send your paper to them as soon as possible. They need time to read over them before the conference starts.  Do not send your paper to me; only send it to your chair and commentator.  Over the next few days there will be more information posted regarding details.  Finally, thank you to those who have informed me as to whether or not they will be attending the banquet on Friday night.  For those of you who have not, please let me know by Sunday evening via email.  Thank you for your consideration, patience, and time.

Dr. Carter