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Plato, from Scuola di Atene, by Raphael Sanzio. 1510-11.  Public domain image. Carlisle Indian Industrial School.  Public domain image. Portrait of Giovanna Tornabuoni by  Domenico Ghirlandaio, 1488.  Public Domain Image

Students interested in pursuing a teacher education program for certification as a history teacher in grades 7-12 are asked to conact the History Department's Undergraduate Advisor:

Dr. William Burgess
Roger-Stout Hall 109

Students must also contact one of the Professional Advisors for the Department of Education.
Their contact information may be found here .

If you are interested in teaching History at the secondary education level (7-12), you must have a major in History and a minor in Secondary Education. 

Because the state of Tennessee has a specific curriculum at the secondary level, most of your history classes will have to conform to a specific listing of courses, including:  a Social Studies Core and a list of 33 hours of History Courses.

            Social Studies Core: ALL

                HIST 1120     World History and Civilization to 1500
                HIST 2010     U.S. History to 1877
                HIST 2020     U.S. History since 1877
                GEOG 1012   Introduction to Cultural Geography
                GEOG 1013   Introduction to World Regional Geography
                PSCI 1110     Political Life
                SOCI 1020    Introduction to Sociology

            Concentration in History: ALL

                HIST 1110    World History and Civilization to 1500
                HIST 1120    World History and Civilization since 1500
                HIST 2010    U.S. History to 1877
                HIST 2020    U.S. History since 1877
                HIST 3020    American Ethnic and Cultural History
                HIST 3410    Introduction to Historical Methods
                HIST 4017    Beginnings of America
                HIST 4107    Recent U.S. History: 1933 to Present

            One from:

                HIST 3330   Early Modern Europe
                HIST 3340   Modern Europe
                HIST 4327   Expansion of Europe Overseas

            Two from:

                HIST 3720   History of Africa
                HIST 4707   East Asia Since 1900
                HIST 4717   Modern Middle East
                HIST 4730   Latin America:  Revolution and Nationalism

ATTENTION:   This is not a checksheet for graduation!

This is list of courses which the state of Tennessee requires you to finish successfully, in order for you to be considered eligible for certification.

You will have to take at least two more courses, in order to complete the minimum number of courses necessary for the History Major.

If you are taking a History minor , with a view toward certification for Secondary Education, please consult the History Add-On .