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Patricia Robertson Diversity Leadership Award
- Maria Hernandez, Student Recipient 2011
  Participant in XCELL Mentor Program
  Hispanic Student Day keynote speaker 2011
  Article in ETSU Accent Vol. 60, No. 9, December 9, 2011, pg. 9
  Link to Article:

- Emily Goepel, Student Recipient 2010
  AmeriCorps*Vista (2009 - 2010)
  LCRC Tuition Scholar and Office Manager (2010 - 2012)
  Article in ETSU Accent Vol. 59, No.6, November 16,2010, pg. 6
  Link to article:

- Jorja Cummings, LCRC (2006-2009)
  Tuition Scholar
  LCRC Nominee 2008

Harold Love Outstanding Community Involvement Award
- Dr. Ardis Nelson
  Nashville, Spring 2009

Distinguished Service Award
- Dr. Ardis Nelson
  ETSU College of Arts & Sciences
  2009, 2002

Notable Woman of ETSU,
- Dr. Ardis Nelson

Sowing Seeds for Change Fellowship
- Jorja Cummings, Recipient 2007
  Student Action with Farm Workers
  Durham, North Carolina 

Academic Community Engaged Department Award
In 2004 the ETSU Department of Foreign Languages was awarded the second annual American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP) Academic-Community Engaged Department Award in recognition of successful departmental civic engagement, scholarship and service.  The award was announced and presented at the AATSP annual conference, held in Acapulco on July 29, 2004.  The award was presented to ETSU emeritus professor Eduardo Zayas-Bazán on behalf of the department.

ETSU Instructional Development Grants
2005-2006 Spanish for Healthcare
Beginning Spanish for Healthcare was intiated in the Fall of 2005 in the Department of Foreign Language and is now offered as regular first year Spanish courses:  SPAN 1011 and SPAN 1021.

As part of the grant, a workshop was offered April 7, 2006, to 40 area teachers and professionals.  Guest speakers at the workshop included Marvyn Bacigalupo, PhD and federally certified court interpreter, who spoke about "Techniques for Medical Interpretation at Different Skill Levels" and Holly Melendez, BA in Foreign Languages and then Research Program Coordinator, ETSU College of Nursing, who focused on "Healthcare and the Northeast Tennessee Hispanic Community."

With the support of this grant, the Language and Culture Resource Center continues to increase the awareness and understanding of diversity and to involve the university faculty and students in hands-on, community-based learning experiences.

2009-2010 Translation and Interpreting Certificate Program
This grant will facilitate the development and implementation of a graduate certificate program in the department of foreign languages.

President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll
2013 is the 7th year ETSU has received this distinction. Much of the credit for this award is due to the large number of outreach programs and service-learning hours that are logged by ETSU students through the LCRC. 

Presidential Honor Roll

Scholarship Funds
Court Interpreter Training
The LCRC has established a scholarship fund in order to finance pre-certification training in the Tennessee Court Interpreters program for qualified full-time students enrolled in the Applied Spanish Translation and Interpretation classes.

Niswonger Foundation
2009 - $500 for ETSU students involved in the Migrant Education Program.
2008 - $1,000 for ETSU students involved in the Migrant Education Program.

University Advancement
2007 - $1,850.00 for ETSU students enrolled in the Migrant Education Program.














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