Department Administration

Dr. Katherine Weiss  Associate Professor
Department Chair
103 Burleson Hall

Dr. Michieka  Associate Professor
Assistant Chair for Undergraduate Studies
213 Burleson Hall

Dr. Daniel Westover  Associate Professor
Assistant Chair for Graduate Studies
208 Burleson Hall

Dr. Katrina Heil  Associate Professor
Assistant Chair for Foreign Language
213B Gilbreath Hall

Women's Studies Program

Dr. Phyllis Thompson  Associate Professor
Director of Women's Studies
211 Campus Center Building

Ms. Michelle Rogers Ms. Michelle Rogers  
Executive Aide (Foreign Language, Women's Studies)
211 Campus Center Building

East Tennessee State University's Department of Literature and Language is housed in Burleson Hall, near the northern boundary of the central campus, at the intersection of State of Franklin Road and Sherrod Lane Road. We are to the immediate east of the Memorial Center (Mini-Dome). Our main office is Room 103, on the building's ground floor.

Visitors to our department should remember to register for a visitor's parking slip with the central campus parking office.

Burleson Hall