Aethlon is a scholarly journal designed to celebrate the marriage of serious, interpretive literature with the world of play, games, and sport. It is the best of both worlds. This unique journal offers a varied menu of fiction, poetry, essays, critical reviews, plus an added spice--critical reviews and commentary on drama and cinema. The work published in Aethlon is both professional and playful. As serious, interpretive literature is the raison d' etre of Aethlon, the emphasis and accent is on publishing and criticizing lively and scholarly pieces. Those two words, lively and scholarly, capture the essence of the enterprise; sport-related literature need not be equated with escapist summer reading; happily sport literature may be light-hearted without being light-headed.

Aethlon is a publication of the Sports Literature Association, which is centered at East Tennessee State University. For more information about the SLA and to find submission guidelines for Aethlon, go to the Aethlon website. cover of Aethlon

The Mockingbird

The Mockingbird  is the student literary/arts magazine published by the ETSU Department of Literature and Language with the participation of the Department of Art & Design. The Mockingbird staff and contributors are all students, some submitting their creative works for the first time. During the fall semester, these departments call for student submissions. The Mockingbird encourages both undergraduate and graduate students from all disciplines to submit their work for consideration..
We encourage all ETSU students to participate in creating The Mockingbird and invite you to view our website.