SASCOL Schedule


Schedule of Events

Registration and Refreshments
10:10 a.m.-10:30 a.m. in Forum Room
Concurrent Session One
10:30 a.m.-11:50 p.m. in Meeting Rooms 1 and 2
Concurrent Session Two
1:00 p.m.-2:20 p.m. in Meeting Rooms 1 and 2
Concurrent Session Three
2:30 p.m.-3:50 p.m. in Meeting Rooms 1 and 2
Student Achievement in Essay Awards Presentation 
4 p.m. in Forum Room
Keynote Speaker
Dr. Colleen Glenn
“Beauty to Beast:  The Rebirth of Mickey Rourke”
4 p.m. in Forum Room

Detailed Schedule:

Concurrent Session 1                    10:30 a.m.-11:50 a.m.

Panel:  Shakespeare                             Meeting Room 1 (303)

Chair:  Dr. Robert Sawyer

Joshua Cole (Undergrad, ETSU), “A Shadow of Shakespeare: Titus Andronicus

Caleb W. Enloe (Undergrad, ETSU), “The Development of the Green World in Shakespearean Plays”

Benjamin Terry (Undergrad, ETSU), “The Romanesque in Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus: A Historical, Mythological, and Cultural Canvas for Tragedy” 

 Panel:  Literature in the Mind               Meeting Room 2 (304)

Chair:  Dr. Shawna Lichtenwalner

Ashley Whitman (Grad, Virginia Tech), “Depictions of Mental Illness in Postmodern Literature”

Jessica Hall (Grad, ETSU), “Visions and Waking Dreams:  Keats’s Ambivalent Assessment of the Visionary Imagination”

~2015 Achievement in Essay Award Recipient (Graduate)

Jonathan Ball (Grad, ETSU), “The Father, the Son, and the Holy Clock:  Problematic Patronage in Tristram Shandy” 

Inga Sarkodie (Grad, ETSU), “Reinforcing Patriarchy from an Early Age: DiCamillo’s The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

Concurrent Session 2                    1:00 p.m.-2:20 p.m.

Panel:  Milton’s Paradise Lost               Meeting Room 1 (303)

Chair:  Dr. Josh Reid

Jason Spears (Undergrad, ETSU), “States of Mind and Their Effect on Reality in Paradise Lost” 

Taylor Patterson (Undergrad, ETSU), “Milton and Eve:  Showing Inequality in the Garden through the ‘Mother of All Azazels’”

Elizabeth Chapman (Undergrad, ETSU) “Eve as a Trinity and a Hero in Milton’s Paradise Lost

Panel: Challenging the Borders of Modernism in T. S. Eliot and F. Scott Fitzgerald                                              Meeting Room 2 (304)

Chair:  Dr. Thomas Alan Holmes

Colleen McClintock (Grad, Belmont),A Handful of Dust: The Redemption of American Poetics in The Waste Land

Katherine Berghofer (Grad, Belmont), “Integration as a Vehicle for Change: An Observation of Paradox in The Waste Land and Four Quartets

Michaela Beck (Grad, Belmont), “'Make It New': Re-Negotiating the Romanticist Paradigm of Authorship in F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Crack-Up and Tender Is the Night

Kristina Kirk (Grad, Belmont), “Challenging Accepted Notions of Modernism”

Concurrent Session 3                      2:30 p.m.-3:50 p.m.

Panel:  Theory through Time:  Reading, Painting, Music, Film, and Video Games as Texts                                  Meeting Room 1 (303)

Chair:  Dr. Katherine Weiss

Alex Blumenstock (Grad, ETSU), “Posthuman Identity: Emergent Meaning-Generation in Digital Landscapes”

Erik Peterson (Grad, ETSU), “‘It'll Be Just Like in the Movies’: The Culture Industry and Psychology in Mulholland Drive

Beth Miller (Grad, ETSU), “The Eternal Within the Transitory: Baudelaire’s Elements of Modernity from Debussy to Poetry to Cloud Atlas

Jacob Vines (Grad, ETSU), “The Interpretive Dilemmas of Thomas Cole’s The Course of Empire

Panel:  Classical Literature                   Meeting Room 2 (304)

Chair:  Dr. Thomas Crofts

Danielle Byington (Undergrad, ETSU), “Zoomorphic Birth and Fallen Troy’s Inability to Be Reborn”                                              

~2015 Achievement in Essay Award Recipient (Undergraduate)

Amber Kearns (Undergrad, Austin Peay State University), “Petronian Satire on the New Money in Ancient Rome”

Catherine Squibb (Undergrad, ETSU), “The Wild Element:  A Look at the Trickster in Greek Myth”


Student Achievement in Essay Awards Presentation 
4 p.m. in Forum Room
Keynote Speaker
Dr. Colleen Glenn
Beauty to Beast:  The Rebirth of Mickey Rourke”
4 p.m. in Forum Room

Dining Close to the ETSU Campus (A Short List)

Acoustic Coffeehouse: A warm, bohemian atmosphere that provides a good place to meet friends after work, the Acoustic Coffeehouse is a favorite watering hole for faculty members in the Literature and Language Department. Nice selection of import and local brews on tap. Bar food available, including many vegetarian selections. Music venue in the evenings.

The Alley Cat: This sandwich shop is walking distance from the university and a favorite with ETSU students and faculty. Try their homemade Hummus wrap. Beer is available on tap and in bottles.

Cranberries: Local caf? that features freshly prepared soups of the day, homemade quiches, and salads of all types. This bright and sunny little caf? has become such a popular lunchtime spot that it has increased its hours and is now open also open for dinner.

El Charolais Mexican Taqueria: Authentic Mexican and a favorite with members of the ETSU Literature and Language Department. Try the Fish Taco or Chile Colorado; hearty vegetarian cuisine such as the Spinach Enchilada satisfies even the most dedicated carnivore in the group, too..

Poor Richard's On Campus: Poor Richard's is an institution in Johnson City and, some say, serves the best sweet tea in the Tri-Cities. It is a favorite bar/deli hangout just next door to the ETSU. Lots of college atmosphere.

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