SASCOL 2010 Schedule

Note: The following schedule is for the September 2010 conference. We are leaving it posted for archival purposes, to give our visitors an idea of how our upcoming 2011 conference will appear.

The following reflects our current schedule for the 2010 SASCOL conference; we do not expect many changes to occur. Please note that the reception and award ceremony will take place as the final event of our day; we will host this event in the ETSU Slocumb Gallery. All other events will take place on the second floor of Burleson Hall, the home of ETSU's Literature and Language Department. Should eve nts necessitate changes in the schedule, we will post them as soon as possible. Beginning in August 2008, ETSU became a smoke-free campus.

The 2010 SASCOL Conference:

All presentations will take place on the second floor of Burleson Hall on the East Tennessee State University campus.

9:15-9:45—Registration (second floor foyer)

9:30-9:45—Welcome (Professor Katherine Weiss; Arts & Sciences Dean Gordon Anderson)

9:45-10:50—Session 1 (Concurrent Presentations)

Shakespeare (Burleson 201), Moderator: Dr. Robert Sawyer, ETSU

  • Jacob Hopson (ETSU): “With Special Guest Stars Romeo and Juliet”
  • Kim Steger (ETSU): “The Role of Disguise in Shakespeare’s Plays”
  • Matthew Jeffers (ETSU): “Weaponry and Dueling as Characterization in Shakespeare Films”
  • Elizabeth Phelps (ETSU): "The Prince of Denmark and the Dark Knight"

Postmodern Fiction (Burleson 202), Dr. Kevin O'Donnell, ETSU

  • Jessica Gilly (Queen’s University, Belfast): “'What Is There to Keep Me Here?': The Use of Place in Bowen and Beckett"
  • Bethany Adkins (ETSU): "Defiance against Submission (Rushdie’s Novel, Shame)"
  • Jasen Bacon (ETSU): "2 + 2 = Nineteen Eighty-Four: An Exploration of the Origins and Inspiration of George Orwell’s Dystopian Future"
  • Adam Fletcher (ETSU): "Excellent, Repressed, and Frustrated: The Interactions of Mildred Lathbury"

10:55-12:00—Session 2 (Concurrent Presentations)

20th Century American Literature  (Burleson 201), Moderator: Dr. Michael Sean Bolton, ETSU

  • Audrey Peters (ETSU): "The Myth of Andromeda in Edith Wharton’s The House of Mirth"
  • Claire Holland (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill): "Dilemmas Portrayed by Literary Doubles in Toomer’s 'Kabnis' and Larsen’s Passing"
  • Adam Lambert (ETSU): “Managing Morality”
  • Jennifer S. Daniel (ETSU): “Hester’s Half of the Sky: Chinese Support of Nina Baym’s Scarlet Conclusions”

Film and Culture (Burleson 202), Moderator: Dr. William Crooke, ETSU

  • Dierdre Smith (ETSU): "An Outsider among Outsiders as Examined in Fassbinder’s Ali: Fear Eats the Soul"
  • Wesley Barnett (ETSU): "Werner Herzog's Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call--New Orleans"
  • Miette Bretschneider (ETSU): "The Holy Grail in Literature and Film: A Medieval and Modern Comparison"
  • Raymond Jones (ETSU): "The Turn of the Tide: Superheroes' Becoming a Phenomenon"

12:00-1:30 Lunch

1:40-2:45—Session 3

Social Repression and Its Impact on Creativity (Burleson 201), Moderator: Dr. Shawna Lichtenwalner, ETSU

  • Catherine Childress (ETSU): "Domestic Doom: Home vs. Career in Sylvia Plath’s Poetry"
  • Brandy Davenport (ETSU): "Dr. Jekyll’s Drug Addiction and the Real World"
  • Korey Popplewell (ETSU): "Criticism, Tuberculosis, and the Death of John Keats"

2:50-3:55—Session 4

19th Century American Literature  (Burleson 201), Moderator: Dr. Mark Holland, ETSU

  • Owen Cantrell (Georgia State University):" 'It's Good to Be Shifty in a New Country': Confidence-Men from Benjamin Franklin to Mark Twain"
  • Lara Smith-Sitton (Georgia State University): "Writer, Critic, and Moral Philosopher—Nathanial Hawthorne on the Profession of Writing in The House of Seven Gables"
  • Mark Michaelson (Georgia State University): "The Redemptive Failure of Allegory in Hawthorne’s The House of Seven Gables"

4:00-4:45—Session 5  (Burleson 201)

Keynote Address: "The Classroom in Poe's 'The Man of the Crowd'" by Professor Mark Noble, Georgia State University

5:00-6:30—Closing Events at the Slocumb Gallery—Ball Hall of ETSU Campus

  • Student Achievement in Essay Award
  • Reception

SASCOL 2011 Call for Papers

SASCOL 2011 Registration

Dining Close to the ETSU Campus (A Short List)

Acoustic Coffeehouse: A warm, bohemian atmosphere that provides a good place to meet friends after work, the Acoustic Coffeehouse is a favorite watering hole for faculty members in the Literature and Language Department. Nice selection of import and local brews on tap. Bar food available, including many vegetarian selections. Music venue in the evenings.

The Alley Cat: This sandwich shop is walking distance from the university and a favorite with ETSU students and faculty. Try their homemade Hummus wrap. Beer is available on tap and in bottles.

Cranberries: Local caf? that features freshly prepared soups of the day, homemade quiches, and salads of all types. This bright and sunny little caf? has become such a popular lunchtime spot that it has increased its hours and is now open also open for dinner.

El Charolais Mexican Taqueria: Authentic Mexican and a favorite with members of the ETSU Literature and Language Department. Try the Fish Taco or Chile Colorado; hearty vegetarian cuisine such as the Spinach Enchilada satisfies even the most dedicated carnivore in the group, too..

Poor Richard's On Campus: Poor Richard's is an institution in Johnson City and, some say, serves the best sweet tea in the Tri-Cities. It is a favorite bar/deli hangout just next door to the ETSU. Lots of college atmosphere.