Graduate Student Information

SEASECS offers two graduate student essay prizes of $300.00 each

The essay should be a carefully edited version of the paper you are planning to give at the conference. If you are a graduate student interested in having your essay considered for a prize, please send it by e-mail attachment (Word or .rtf file) by the deadline of JANUARY 15, 2010 to the chair of the Graduate Student Essay Prize Committee, Dr. Saralyn DeSmet ( ).  If you have not received a response within two business days, please send your e-mail again to ensure there have been no technical failures.

Please include a cover page with the following information:

Paper title
Field/departmental affiliation
University affiliation
Contact address
Contact Phone number
E-mail Address

SEASECS offers four travel grants of $250.00 each for travel to our 2010 conference

If you do not live in the immediate area of the conference venue and would like to apply for one of these grants, simply identify yourself as a graduate student interested in a travel grant when you send in your conference paper proposal. If you have already sent in a proposal, send an e-mail message to the 2010 Program Chair, Dr. Judith B. Slagle, as soon as possible to let her know that you are interested in a grant ( ).