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The Carnegie Hotel has a rich history. Originally constructed in the early 1890s, it served as a mecca for Johnson City’s social elite for several decades and became a landmark of luxury. The July 8, 1891, edition of the Johnson City Comet reported that this "great palatial hotel has no equal in East Tennessee and for convenience has no superior in the South. The best of material was used throughout the structure…. There is not to be found a single accommodation known to hotels with which the magnificent structure is not provided…. Its dining rooms are large and finely finished. Its parlors and reception rooms are peerless in the finish and furnishings. Its library, bath and other rooms have the polish of perfection. The building has been laid throughout with very fine carpet, every room has been elegantly furnished and there is not a feature that is lacking in completeness" (July 8, 1891).

This is a picture of the front of the Carnegie Hotel and the entrance.

This picture is a close-up shot of the main entrance into the Carnegie Hotel.

This picture is taken from the vantage point of right inside the entrance to the Carnegie Hotel and shows off the luxurious reception area with its tiffany-style stained glass and lamps, baroque decor, and oriental rugs.

In 2001, this Johnson City landmark was resurrected with the completion of the construction of the new Carnegie Hotel that bears a definite resemblance to its turn of the century namesake. Describing the Carnegie as “a taste of Europe in East Tennessee,” Johnson City’s The News and Neighbor reported that “stepping into the lobby of the lavishly furnished and decorated Carnegie Hotel is like visiting a four-star property in a European capital. The relaxing sound of a grand piano can be heard and pleasant voices engaged in conversation in the nearby Roosevelt Library drifts softly through the air. From the huge stained glass medallions in the ceiling to the oriental rugs and comfortable upholstered furniture and Tiffany style lamps, the baroque style décor is inviting and soothing. Some of the rooms have antique pieces and sofas in leather or fine fabric. Tiffany-style stained glass lamps and lighting fixtures are found throughout the hotel. All of the rooms are tastefully decorated. Every room is unique” (May 4, 2002).

This picture displays a beautiful grand piano that can be found right off the spacious reception area.

This is a picture of the lounge, which is adjacent to reception. Reminiscient of turn of the century luxury, the leather furniture, wood paneling, and soft lighting make this a comfortable spot for a late afternoon cocktail or nightcap with friends.

This is a picture of the restaurant, which features a substantial breakfast, a delightful and varied luncheon menu, and a first class venue for the evening meal.

Come to enjoy a weekend dedicated to discussions on eighteenth-century literature, history, philosophy, art, and drama in an historic, turn-of-the-century setting. You may contact the Carnegie Hotel in these ways; however, to ensure that you receive our SEASECS conference rate, please book your reservation by phone.

By Post:
Carnegie Hotel & Spa
1216 West State of Franklin Road
Johnson City, TN 37604

By Phone or Fax:
voice--(423) 979-6400
toll-free--(866) 757-8277
fax--(423) 979-6424


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This picture is of a bronze statue that stands in the front entrance of the hotel.

SEASECS Conference Rate for the Carnegie Hotel: $99

Other Area Hotels

If you would prefer an alternative to the conference hotel, the following are within three miles of the Carnegie Hotel and the ETSU campus. If you are willing to venture a little further out, Johnson City and nearby Jonesborough have many other hotels and bed and breakfasts. For additional information about lodging, contact the Chamber of Commerce for Johnson City and Jonesborough. Please note that the following listing does not constitute an endorsement.

•     Comfort Inn (423) 928-9600

•     Garden Plaza Hotel (423) 929-2000

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•     Holiday Inn (423) 282-4611

•     Red Roof Inn (423) 282-3040

Much of the prose content on this page has been provided by the Carnegie Hotel. All images on this page have been used with the permission of the Carnegie Hotel, with the exception of the image of the doorway, which we found on the website