Modern Languages at ETSU

The Department of Literature and Language offers Bachelor of Arts degree programs in German, French, and Spanish; it also offers a minor in Japanese.

Whatever one's major, studying a foreign language offers a number of benefits. Knowing another language allows communication with other peoples and more access to their cultures. Employers and graduate schools are receiving an ever-increasing number of applications from qualified students and are looking for something special; the broadened perspective to be gotten from studying other cultures makes one stand out.

Mastering a foreign language can lead to a rewarding career in the areas of international business, translating and interpreting, education, tourism, foreign service, management and social services. It can help appreciation of varied fields of interest, from chemistry to drama, by learning significant works in their original language.

No matter what field of specialization, the study of another language and culture provides a broader view of the world and additional marketable skills.

For more information in pursuing a major or a minor in foreign language, please contact Professor Katrina Heil, Director of Foreign Language Studies, at .

Foreign Language Placement Policy