Women Global Perspective

The International Day for the Elimination of Violence of Women is observed on November 25th, and the students choose a project that addresses women and domestic violence for the fall projects.  For sixteen days, ending on November 25th, there will be a post on Twitter and Facebook of significant stories related women and domestic violence.  The hope is that these posts will bring awareness to this isuue.  Help spread the word to educate and eliminate violence against women.  The students also created a website    http://eliminateviolenceatetsu.weebly.com/.  This site provides information about the project, volunteer opportunities, and other events that the class is supporting.

There are some causes in the world right now that owe their roots to social networking.  #Noh8,(No Hate, Marriage Equality) a very famous tagline on Twitter, gains more and more followers and celebrity support on a daily basis through it's Facebook and Twitter marketing campaign.  Some of the things that will be posted daily would include links to stories, ideas on preventing violence.