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Women's Studies Program

Department of Literature and Language

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Career Ideas

Group facilitator
Community health specialist
Magazine editing
Nurse midwife


What can you do with a Women's Studies Degree 

Women's Studies prepares students as leaders to analyze social inequities and initiate change. Women's Studies graduates are politically active in the broadest sense, from confronting gender inequities in their own relationships, families, and workplaces, to pursuing feminist art and writing, to participating on school boards and committees for their children, to traditional political activism.

Women's Studies graduates ARE working; they are doing social change through that work; they are gainfully employed even as they are civically engaged and confronting injustice. The ETSU Women's Studies Program conducted a study in 2005 of what WS graduates did after earning their degree. We searched alumni reports posted online by Women's Studies programs across the country, and found over 200 occupations in which Women's Studies graduates are working.


The Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance at ETSU is a feminist student alliance dedicated to recognizing and eliminating all forms of oppression and advocating empowerment, well-being, and equality for all.  FMLA is a progressive gender equality and human rights group that focuses on promoting equal treatment between men and women. This alliance also strives to protect and promote women's health options and choices, raise awareness about the problems of domestic violence and other types of violent crime, promote worker's pay equity and rights, promote healthy sexuality, and strive to make the necessary statutory and constitutional amendments that will help us meet our goals of a more equal and less violent world.  FMLA is the local chapter of Planned Parenthood: General Action.  


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Iota Iota Iota
This is the women's studies honor society.  Click on this link to learn more about their philanthropy and how to become a member of this exciting society!





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Women in Global Perspective

Women in Global Perspective Fall 2009

The International Day for the Elimination of Violence of Women is observed on November 25th, and the students choose a project that addresses women and domestic violence for the fall projects. For sixteen days, ending on November 25th, there will be a post on Twitter and Facebook of significant stories related women and domestic violence. The hope is that these posts will bring awareness to this issue. Help spread the word to educate and eliminate violence against women. The students also created a website. This site provides information about the project, volunteer opportunities, and other events that the class is supporting.

There are some causes in the world right now that owe their roots to social networking. #Noh8,(No Hate, Marriage Equality) a very famous tagline on Twitter, gains more and more followers and celebrity support on a daily basis through it's Facebook and Twitter marketing campaign. Some of the things that will be posted daily would include links to stories, ideas on preventing violence.

Women in Global Perspective 2008

The "Women in Global Perspective" class (WMST 2020) was taught by KC Gott. A main focus of this class was The International Women's Day, which is an annual event that recognizes different women and the perspectives of women all over the world. This semester her class decided to look into ETSU's fair trade policy. The class researched the availability of fair trade products and initiated a fair trade petition for the ETSU students. They even distributed information about organic food to help students live a healthier lifestyle. Overall, this class was a learning experience that enabled students to gain knowledge about fair trade that has the potential to help others understand this important issue.

Women in Global Perspective 2007

The “Women in Global Perspective” class* (WMST 2020) planned and executed a multifaceted project to commemorate International Women’s Day, 2007. IWD falls on March 8 each year, and since we are on Spring Break at that time, I chose March 1 for our own celebration and included it in the course as an assignment. The students took on the project wholeheartedly and came up with a far more exciting series of events than I could possibly have imagined when I wrote it into the course syllabus. Here is a list of the class’s activities for IWD: Violence against women was one of the major themes chosen by the class, and the students produced 1) a clever glass-case display in the Culp Center, which will stay in place for the month of March; 2) a display board at our booth in the Atrium, and 3) a handout downloaded from a UN anti-violence site. A second major theme was women’s accomplishments, and this theme was reflected by a display board at the booth and a very professional-looking student-produced handout. One student undertook to collect signatures in support of the international treaty CEDAW (Convention on Elimination of Discrimination Against Women), which the U.S. has never ratified. With the help of several others, she collected about 100 signatures and sent them to Sen. Bob Corker, who sits on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The project that generated the most excitement was the sale of jewelry made by the BeadforLife collective of HIV-positive Ugandan women. Total proceeds were over $1500, which went directly to the collective. All of the students except those who were sick spent at least part of the day staffing our table and booth. We sponsored an evening showing of the documentary The Shape of Water, about women’s grassroots activism in several countries. Though the audience was quite small, about half of it was students who are not in the class. Two students took responsibility for introducing the film and leading discussion afterwards. Several students were effective at getting publicity for the event in the East Tennessean and on WETS, as well as making flyers and table tents and promoting the event by social networking websites and word of mouth.

IWD Booth

This course emphasizes diversity of women’s experience in non-western, non-industrialized societies.  Concentrates on women's participation in, interaction with, and resistance to patriarchal structures that inhibit economic, political and human rights for women.

The interactive course is taught by KC Gott.  Every semester the students choose a project dealing with a current women's issue and address it head on.  In the fall semester, the projects support the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, which is celebrated on November 25th ( click here for more information).  In the spring semester, the projects support the International Women's Day, which is on March 8th ( click here for the official website).


Notable Women of ETSU Annual Award Ceremony

Notable Women 2012

Congratulations to our 2012 Notable Women, Dr. Edith Seier and Dr. Leslie MacAvoy! The recipients are nominated by faculty based on achievements and contributions in the women's studies field. On the Notable Women page you will also find a list of past recipients and the call for 2013 Notable Women Nominees.

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