Women's Studies Honor Society
ETSU's Alpha Theta Chapter

Recruitment is currently taking place.  If you are interested in joining this organization and meet all of the requirements, e-mail or for more information!

The Alpha Theta chapter of Tri-Iota is the 31 st chapter of the national Women's Studies Honor Society, an egalitarian national society of scholars dedicated to the ideals of excellence in women's studies and scholarship. Tri-Iota promotes an interest in Women's Studies, research in social issues affecting women, and a variety of social and intellectual activities.

To become a member of Tri-Iota you must meet the following requirements:
A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.2, successful completion of Introduction to Women's Studies (WMST 2010), and a commitment to feminist ideals embodied in Women's Studies as an academic field.

If you are currently enrolled in WMST 2010 and would like to become a member, you may participate in activities in anticipation of your induction.

The Tri-Iota induction ceremony takes place each fall term. If you are interested in joining our exciting organization please contact one of the following: Graduate Advisor- or Advisor- .

Induction Ceremony honoring Emily Robbins and Laurel Stunkard.