Franklin Math Bowl 2009 Contest Winners

2009 Contest Winners

Note: The number of awards was based on the number of students registered in each category.

6th Grade: Individual
  1. Gabe Vacaliuc, Jefferson MS (Oak Ridge)
  2. Victoria Qiu, Jefferson MS
  3. Curtis Rookard, Jefferson MS
  4. Chen Chen Zhang, Jefferson MS
  5. Daesling Cho, Pizitz MS (Vestavia Hills, AL)
  6. Evan Liu, Pizitz MS
  7. Meredith Caveney, Indian Trail MS (Johnson City)
  8. Matthew Hanson, Indian Trail MS
6th Grade: Schools
  1. Jefferson MS
  2. Pizitz MS
  3. Indian Trail MS
7th Grade: Individual
  1. Jason Liu, Pizitz MS
  2. Katherine Zhang, Jefferson MS
  3. Kai He, Pizitz
  4. Charles Li, Pizitz
  5. Mark Philpot, Pizitz
  6. Hannah Hollowell, Providence Academy (Johnson City)
  7. Reid Smith, Providence Academy
  8. Skye Rector, Jefferson MS
7th Grade: Schools
  1. Pizitz MS
  2. Jefferson MS
  3. Providence Academy
8th Grade: Individual
  1. Adrian Ramsey, Ridgeview Elementary (Jonesborough)
  2. Noah Parker, Ridgeview
  3. Bryan Pickle, Chuckey Doak MS

8th Grade: Schools

  1. Ridgeview
  2. Chuckey Doak
Algebra: Individuals
  1. Ziqi Wang, Pizitz MS
  2. Jimmy Liu, Pizitz MS
  3. Kelly Chen, Pizitz MS
Algebra: Schools
  1. Pizitz MS
  2. Providence Academy

Note on scoring:

The written test is scored by (5 * number right) + (number left blank). The maximum possible score for the written test is 125.

The problem solving test consists of three problems worth 10 points each, so the maximum possible score is 30.

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