Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)

Summer 2014 dates:  June 2--August 1 

Combinatorics and Probability 2014

Application Deadline: 11:59:59 pm on Wednesday February 26.  Offers will be made soon after, and since ETSU participates in the "Common Earliest Reply Date Consortium of REUs" I will not insist on an acceptance to my REU before March 8.

This is a two-month (=nine-week) summer Research Experience for Undergraduates funded by the National Science Foundation. Summer 2014 will be its 22nd year of operation under probabilist/discrete mathematician Anant Godbole. Previous incarnations of the program, offered at Michigan Tech and ETSU, have been named Discrete Random Structures, Discrete Probability and Associated Limit Theorems, etc.

ETSU is located at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains in scenic Johnson City, East Tennessee, 100 miles from Knoxville, 200 miles from Charlotte (A US Airways hub with connections to Johnson City) and 250 miles from Atlanta (A Delta hub with connecting flights to Johnson City). 

Team members work singly (seldom) or in small groups (typically) on problems widely varying in kind and approachability. I suggest a number of problems at the beginning of the session, and generally most projects grow out of these. Each student typically works on two problems of her/his choice.  There's plenty of room for innovation, though.  Generally problems are in (i) Discrete Math; or (ii) Probabilistic Methods applied to Discrete Math

The problems for 2014 will be shared with students as soon as I make them offers, but I expect a strong focus on Universal Cycles and Permutation Patterns in 2014. Exciting News:  The 12th International Permutation Patterns Conference will be held in Johnson City July 7--11, right in the middle of the REU.

Most often, publishable papers grow out of projects at the ETSU REU. Past participants have published in The Journal of Combinatorial Theory; Statistics and Probability Letters; Combinatorics, Probability and Computing; Annals of Combinatorics; Electronic Journal of Combinatorial Number Theory; A dvances in Applied Probability; Journal of Number Theory; Electronic Journal of Combinatorics; Discrete Mathematics; SIAM Journal on Discrete Math; Graphs and Combinatorics; Methodology and Computing in Applied Probability; Pure Mathematics and Applications; Journal of Statistical Planning & Inference and several others. Participants also regularly attend professional conferences where they present their work: For example, the 2013 group went to the Annual Joint Math Meetings in Baltimore in January 2014, and some will go to the International Permutation Patterns Conference  mentioned above.  I expect that this year's group will go to the Joint Math Meetings in San Antonio, January 2015.

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