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Media+Communication’s Strategic Media Club partnership

ETSU Department of Media and Communication’s Strategic Media Club is partnering with John Cowan of PANO to launch the hottest new app on campus this fall. Starting October 2016, the PANO app is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play and will be pushed out to all campus organizations and students.

PANO will change the way ETSU students plan and become involved with organizations and activities on campus. Founder John Cowan says:

“College is a collection of experiences. We want to help you find the ones that matter. To do that we pull activities and events from the university itself, student organizations, and, most importantly, all the students on campus. Within 30 seconds, you can find a cool hike, an upcoming lecture, people to play ultimate Frisbee with; whatever. If you don’t find anything, it’s easy to start something new. The community vets the tentative activity and, if there is sufficient interest, it gets added to the board. Whether it’s something you already love or something you’ve never experienced before, PANO makes it easy to get involved.”

PANO is a win-win for both organizations and students, and we are excited to have students partnering with innovative partners and companies.

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