A bachelor’s degree in the Media and Communication program gives you a career foundation in the ever-growing demand for media professionals. Many of the jobs available now because of digital technology were not around a decade ago. By studying with us, you get the theoretical communication foundation you need mixed with the opportunity to create real projects, which leads to real career outcomes.

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Strategic Media Club at Edelman in Atlanta, GA.

Students are prepared for work in digital marketing communication, brand strategy, advertising and public relations in companies, corporations, non-profits/non-government organizations and government agencies. Coursework includes instruction in writing and design for print, broadcast, online and social media, audience research, media planning, audience analytics and campaign management. Through experiences with real-world clients, students gain the skills and knowledge they need for success in this growing profession. Study abroad opportunities are available. 

Program Requirements (Majors)

Required Core Courses

Required AD/PR Courses

Program Requirements (Minors)

Required AD/PR Courses

Required Journalism Courses

Required Radio, TV & Film Courses