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Samara Bolling

Name:  Samara Bolling 

Graduation Year:  
Company:  Ntara
Position:  Director of Integrated Marketing and Insights

Professional Summary:

I have worked as a professional communicator since 2007. I’ve been the assistant editor of a weekly publication, graduate assistant for alumni communications, event planner and PR rep for a small agency, traffic manager for a mid-sized agency, and marketing communications rep for a global chemical company.

Since January 2016, I have worked as the Director of Integrated Marketing and Insights at Ntara – a digital agency in Johnson City, Tennessee. My team works internally with accounts, client services, design, and development to reach our clients’ customers throughout the digital ecosystem:

-Our blueprint team develops customer segmentation through primary research and conducts full competitive analysis for UX, SEO, SEM, and website behavior.

-Our content strategists use personas and customer journey maps to develop brand, plan editorial calendars, and create quality content for an ever-growing list of channels.

-Our integrated marketing team executes cross-channel digital marketing plans to reach your target audiences and influence their online behavior.

-Our relationships with design and development help create intuitive, consistent user experience from a website’s navigation to its e-commerce shopping cart to its account-based, personalization strategy.

-Our team of analysts provides insight for website and campaign performance and recommendations for optimization and improvement.

I’m passionate about effective communication. I believe everyone has a unique style (with unique needs) and it’s up to each of us to understand and adapt to the styles around us.

I’m optimistic. I believe motivation is contagious.

I work hard to practice what I preach, and the thing I preach most is empathy. It’s a state of mind, and it’s not difficult to do. And a small effort makes a huge difference.

Outside of work, I’m usually hanging with friends and family by a fire, in a body of water, or at a live music show.

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