"ETSU's innovative academic program will help students improve their digital literacy to succeed in an increasingly competitive landscape." Karen McCavitt, Adobe Education

The ETSU Media + Communication Department is a premiere Adobe partner and the only university in the nation with access to over 50+ industry leaders.  Through our Partners page, you can see how we work alongside industry leaders to provide an unrivaled educational experience.


Why Choose Media + Communication?

The reason for "Media + Communication" is simple: combine theory with action leading to professional careers. We operate as a "private school" with a public university price. Class sizes are small, and we focus on project-based learning. The department brings industry partners and experiences into the classroom, preparing students for lifelong careers. As a part of the department, you will graduate as a member of an exclusive community of media makers who make a difference in the world. Check out our Notable Alumni page to see what great jobs our graduates land. Still not convinced? See our top three reasons why we should be your top choice.


REASON #1: College should expose students to real-world work while still in the shelter of the college experience… and produce the portfolios to prove it! 


Our first-ever alliance with Adobe gives students the opportunity to learn with the same digital tools used by 45 out of the top 50 Fortune 500 companies and thousands of companies and media makers worldwide. Not only will you work with Adobe tools (Creative Cloud & Marketing Cloud), but through your educational experience, you will be exposed to multiple industry partners, providing you with real experiences that lead to real career outcomes. We believe in internships, but we take it further by adding the industry voice to nearly every class.


REASON #2: Internships, active-learning, and employment during school are the three most important factors to employers in their hiring decisions.


We bring the real world into the classroom, regardless of whether you are a filmmaker, brand and social media strategist, media content specialist, analytics professional, journalist, or digital marketing communication professional interested in public relations, advertising, or media research. In class and out, you will have plenty of opportunities to grow with our wide variety of campus media opportunities and client partnerships. Students land great careers because of our education project partners. See what internship opportunities current students are undertaking on our Internships page. Also, we continue to thank all of our industry partners for their dedication to making real-world experiences a possibility. If you would be interested in becoming a partner, please contact us


REASON #3: Double your job opportunities while reducing your student loan debt...


According to Burning Glass Technologies (2013), coupling a field-specific skill set with the soft skills that form the foundation of a liberal education, liberal arts graduates can nearly double the number of jobs available to them. Combine this with the low tuition rate of ETSU, as well as our amazing scholarship opportunities, and you have a path to financial freedom! There are plenty of funding opportunities to help you stay out of debt while getting to your first great gig. For example, our exclusive Adobe Scholars Program provides a unique funding foundation while providing a platform to do the work. There are plenty of other options for you on our Scholarship page.


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