A unique offering of ETSU's Media and Communication (MDCM) program is our direct connection to industry partners. Below, we have highlighted several organizations students are currently working with across various sectors of the industry.

Adobe Alliance

Students have access to Experience Cloud, Creative Cloud, and the Adobe Certified Associate Certification.

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ETSU has partnered with Adobe to equip students with the tools they’ll use once they enter the workforce. Thousands of brands worldwide, including 2/3 of Fortune 500 companies, rely on Adobe Experience Cloud. MDCM classes integrate the Adobe Experience Cloud directly into the curriculum, giving students the opportunity to learn on this industry-leading platform. Access to these tools will ensure their digital literacy as marketers and content creators, making the transition from education to their professional careers as smooth as possible. 



Students have access to a top SEO tool that will give them hands-on experience working with keyword research.

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Our partnership with SpyFu offers students the opportunity to gain experience with a industry-leading search engine optimization (SEO) tool. SEO strategies are skills all digital marketing students learn in the classroom, but only rarely do students have access to the high-dollar SEO tools that they'll use once they land a job.  By allowing students use SpyFu to practice their SEO skills on actual departmental websites, students will enter the workforce with the skills they need to excel.

Industry Partners

MDCM partners with many local and national businesses and institutions to provide meaningful experiences to our students and the community. These partnerships take form in hands-on classroom application, enabling our students to gain real world experience in the career paths they’ve chosen.

ETSU Partners

MDCM collaborates with many departments on campus. Many of our students have Graduate Assistantships, Tuition Scholarships, or Academic Performance Scholarships with other departments, working in Public Relations, Social Media, Broadcasting, content creation, and more.

Graduate students in the BucDigital project class build websites, create content, and manage campaigns for several of our on-campus partners. Undergraduate students partner in the form of class projects to support marketing and communication goals.

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