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Albert Einstein said "the only source of knowledge is experience."


Alpha Sigma Iota (ASI)

ASI is a fraternal service organization open to all students enrolled in Radio/TV/Film (Broadcasting) at ETSU. ASI is for the student who enjoys broadcasting and is willing to strive to further their participation and growth in broadcasting. ASI members help with community service projects, enjoy trips to broadcasting facilities and events, including an annual trip to Las Vegas for NAB, and generally promote the broadcasting events and facilities on campus.

Advisor: Professor Hayes

Buc Films

Buc films connects students who are interested in the film industry and want to create great video content. The club participates in film competitions, film events and industry speakers.  

Advisor: Professor Sheridan

Strategic Media Club

The Strategic Media Club combines the two premier strategic professional organizations into one fantasic experience. Students in today's media environment need to understand how these two forces complement each other professionally. By combining the clubs, students are members of both and connect with professional experiences found in both clubs.

Advisor: Professor Marshall

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