ETSU MPA Composite Evaluation

Beginning in 2013, Composite Letters of Evaluation will be processed online. Please read the following information carefully to be aware of any changes to the evaluation process.

As part of the admissions process, many professional schools (and virtually all medical schools) require that applicants submit a composite evaluation of their academic credentials by an undergraduate faculty committee, if such a committee exists on the applicant's campus. The Medical Professions Advisement (MPA) Program at ETSU performs this evaluation at the request of ETSU pre-professional students, provided these students have taken 30 hours or more of coursework at ETSU, and have completed all prerequisite courses. Students who have taken less than the required 30 credit hours of coursework and/or a limited number of science or non-science courses at ETSU should consult Ms. Martha Edde, the MPA Coordinator, for further information.

Professional school admissions/aptitude examinations (MCAT, DAT, OAT, GRE, etc.) are not used as part of the ETSU Composite Evaluation. The Evaluation Committee will be reviewing the Evaluation Application, ETSU Judicial Records, Academic Transcripts (overall GPA as well as gross pre-requisite BCPM GPA), and Faculty Recommendations in order to base their composite recommendations for students to their respective professional schools of choice.

The MPA Evaluation Committee meets for purposes of evaluation only three to four times per year , typically in spring, summer, and early fall. Students requesting evaluation must begin the process of constructing their information when the application becomes available. This is essential so that students will have sufficient time to gather the necessary information, complete their interviews, etc., to have a completed application packet available for the evaluation meeting. No student will be evaluated without a completed application. The MPA Office will provide necessary information, deadlines, and forms to students through online access, and will render reasonable assistance to students as they complete the required steps in the process. Nevertheless, it is the individual student's responsibility to begin the process in a timely manner and to follow through on the completion of the application. Completed applications must be received by 4:30 p.m. on the day of the application deadline. NO EXCEPTIONS. The first 34 completed applications will be evaluated during each evaluation period. The 35th and subsequent completed applications will roll to the next scheduled Evaluation. If your application is incomplete, you will have to wait until the following Evaluation period to request a review by the Evaluation Committee.

If you will be requesting a Committee Letter of Evaluation to both allopathic and osteopathic medical schools, please indicate in the Student Information section of your application. Students may not request multiple evaluations for different disciplines (for example, Dental and Pharmacy) during the same Evaluation cycle.

It is recommended that students request the MPA Committee re-evaluation within two years of ETSU Graduation, as professional schools are looking for relevant information in student applications.

Students may choose to use their initial MPA Evaluation letters if applying two subsequent years for admission to professional schools. However, it is recommended that if students are not successful at the first attempt at application, extra steps should be taken to strengthen their application for the following year. Therefore, ALL students requesting a second review should have significant additions (shadowing, volunteer experience, and/or course work) to the MPA evaluation application before requesting the second review.

It is recommended that your original MPA Evaluation be used for submission to professional schools for only one year from the date of completion, as professional schools are seeking current information from their applicants.

Students requesting the review of additional practical experience/shadowing, volunteer experience and/or additional course work may request a second MPA Evaluation based on that information and will only need to complete a new MPA Evaluation Application. Individual Instructor's Evaluation forms from the previous review may be used.

Students with additional practical experience/shadowing, volunteer experience and/or additional course who feel that interviews and/or Individual Instructor's Evaluations were not as positive as they should have been should request a complete re-evaluation.

Interviews will be required for all applicants requesting a second review. These interviews will include, but are not limited to, an explanation of why and how you feel you have improved your application for MPA Evaluation.

If you have questions concerning these requirements, please consult with Ms. Martha Edde, the Coordinator at Medical Professions Advisement office.

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Professional school application deadlines

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Application deadlines

Depending on the professional school the student wishes to enter, the MPA committee evaluation process should be completed approximately 12 to 18 months prior to the date the student plans to enroll in their professional school of choice. Be aware of application deadlines and schedules for the MPA evaluation committee to review applications, and make sure to plan accordingly. Application deadlines vary from school to school and also vary depending on the chosen program of study.


Be sure to check with your professional schools of interest to determine recommendation letter requirements.