Extracurricular Activities as a Competitive Student

Pre-Professional Students should engage in extracurricular activities to build and increase skills that demonstrate time management, conflict resolution, initiative, team work, responsibility, dedication, accountability, empathy, resilience, compassion, and perseverance.  Professional Schools seek out candidates who are 'well-rounded', as defined by socially and professionally competent individuals.

Become active in a student organization, club, honor society, fraternity or sorority, sports team... or several!  Be sure to do more than just be on the membership roster - become a leader within the group!

Visit the SORC (Student Organization Resource Center) @ ETSU for information on more than 100 organizations on campus!

•  The Competitive Student

•  Writing Effective Personal Statements

•  Tips for the Professional Interview

•  Experience in the Health Profession

        +  Community Involvement

        +  Shadowing (Practical Experience)

        +  Extracurricular Activities

        +  Leadership