Medical Profession Navigation Program for Pre-Health Professional Students at ETSU

The Medical Professions Navigation
Program, sponsored by the Office of Medical Professions Advisement (MPA) at ETSU, is a volunteer program dedicated to fostering engagement and leadership among pre-health students at ETSU.  Participants are challenged to work with others, enhancing their undergraduate pre-professional experience. Our goal is to facilitate camaraderie among those pursuing careers in the health profession.

NOTE:  To begin today as a Mentee, complete the following Mentee Registration forms provided and return to the Office of MPA.  If interested in becoming a Navigator to freshmen, sophomores and transfer students pursuing acceptance into health professional schools, complete the Mentor Application form provided and return to the MPA Office.

Fall 2012 Meetings:
All meetings will be held at 7:00 pm in Rogers-Stout Hall, Room 125.

September 4
October 9
November 13

          peer mentoring

2012-2013 Officers

Tyler Carpenter 

Megan Sears

Luis Mejia

Navigator applications are available May 1st of each year.

Navigators are hired in the summer for the following Fall & Spring semester. There is a mandatory Navigator Orientation each Fall.

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