Post Baccalaureate Program at ETSU

The MPA Post Baccalaureate Program is a Career Changer Program available to students preparing for application to health professions programs. This program is designed for students that have previously earned a Bachelor's degree in a non-science related field and need to complete prerequisite courses or are in need of recent academic achievement.  Individuals should assess their academic record (preferably with help from an Admissions Officer at a Professional School or a Pre-Health Advisor) to determine the type of program that will best enhance their credentials to make them the most competitive applicant possible.

Please note that our program is not structured as an Enhancement Program.

Currently, there is no application for The MPA Post Baccalaureate Program. Interested students should apply to East Tennessee State University as a “special, non-degree seeking” student, and indicate interest in a pre-health field.

                 non-traditional health students